All Void 3.0 Hunter changes coming in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

They can’t hit what they can’t see.

Image via Bungie

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Hunters remain the most popular class in Destiny 2, for a good reason. There is nothing as satisfying as running around your enemies, disorienting them, and hitting them before they even know where you are. While Void Hunter abilities have always been good in PvE, they have fallen behind other supers and don’t see nearly as much playtime as they used to. That is all about to change with the introduction of Void 3.0, and it seems the Hunter will become the Void ninja we have always wanted.

Spectral Blades and Shadowshot

Image via Bungie Youtube

The core gameplay when it comes to the Void Hunter is silently moving in, debuffing enemies, and striking unseen. Bungie is doubling down on this, and the Shadowshot seems to be the priority for the Void Hunter supers. Spectral Blades will remain largely the same, dealing extra damage and being more useful in all levels of PvE activities due to the addition of new Void Aspects.

Shadowshot is getting a lot of attention with this update. To start, the Moebius Quiver variant will now fire a volley of arrows with each shot, tracking enemies of the darkness and applying a volatile state to them once they are hit. The Deadfall variant will now pull all enemies to the point of impact, whether that be a surface or attached to the enemy. This will allow guardians to apply heavy damage on multiple targets with ease.

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The Void Hunters snare bomb melee has also received a buff. When thrown, the snare bomb will weaken all enemies and make them vulnerable to your attacks. In PvP, the snare bomb will also remove opposing guardians’ HUDs, making it harder for them to locate and take you out.

All Hunter Void 3.0 Aspects

Like the Stasis subclasses, all Void subclasses will receive the implementation of Aspects and Fragments. Aspects fundamentally change the way you play as the subclass, while fragments provide minor tweaks. Here are all aspects coming to the new Void Hunter subclass:

  • Trapper’s Ambush: Player can activate Quickfall to spend their melee charge and dive to the ground, creating a smoke cloud upon impact. Enemies caught in the cloud are weakened, and allies become invisible. In addition, Snare Bombs, upon attaching to surfaces or enemies, cause nearby allies to become invisible. 
  • Vanishing Step: Dodging makes the Hunter invisible.
  • Stylish Executioner: Defeating a Void-debuffed target (weakened, suppressed, or volatile) grants invisibility and Truesight. While invisible and after a Stylish Execution, your next melee attack weakens enemies.