All wand handle locations in Hogwarts Legacy

A right wand is important in your journey to be a Wizard.


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Finding all the wand handles in Hogwarts Legacy is challenging. Getting the right wand is very important to a Wizard since they will desperately need it to cast spells and be a Wizard. At first, you won’t need a wand, but you will be able to pick out your own with different customizations later. You will be able to choose the wood type, handle, corn, style, length, and flexibility for your own. But if we are just talking about wand handles, there are 42 wand handles in the game.

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Hogwarts Legacy wand guide | All wand handles and colors

There are 14 different wand handle types, and each comes with three different color options, so you can have your pick at the customization of your wand. Here is a list of each wand handle and its colors.


  • Arrow – Black
  • Arrow – Brown
  • Arrow – Pink Swirl


  • Avian – Beige
  • Avian – Brown
  • Avian – Grey


  • Basketweave – Black
  • Basketweave – Blue
  • Basketweave – Red


  • Botanical – Bronze Leaf
  • Botanical – Gold Leaf
  • Botanical – Silver Leaf


  • Celestial – Blue
  • Celestial – Dark Grey
  • Celestial – Light Grey


  • Checkerboard – Blue
  • Checkerboard – Teal


  • Column – Dark Brown
  • Column – Team and Brown


  • Corkscrew – Brown
  • Corkscrew – Light and Dark Brown
  • Corkscrew – Teal Blue


  • Imperial – Brown and Gold
  • Imperial – Grey and Silver
  • Imperial – Grey and Bronze


  • Orbicular – Brown
  • Orbicular – Gold
  • Orbicular – Violet


  • Regal – Black
  • Regal – Blue
  • Regal – Pink


  • Sabre – Ash Brown
  • Sabre – Brown
  • Sabre – Grey


  • Shell – Grey
  • Shell – Honey Brown
  • Shell – Metallic


  • Swirl – Brown
  • Swirl – Dark Grey
  • Swirl – Lilac

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Where to find all wand handle locations in Hogwarts Legacy

The Basketweave in blue, Orbicular in violet, Checkboard in blue, Regal in Black, and Avian in grey have found locations, while others don’t yet.

  • Avian – Grey: you receive after completing the “Flying Off The Shelves” side quest.
  • Basketweave – Blue: can be found in Professor Fig’s classroom. 
  • Checkerboard – Blue: is found at the Faculty Tower, in the southeast stairway.
  • Orbicular – Violet: you receive after completing the “Gobs of Gobstones” side quest. 
  • Regal – Black: This is found in the basement of the Restricted Section of the Library. 

To unlock customizing your wand, you will need to complete the Flying Off the Shelves side quest. Changing things about your wand won’t affect your gameplay, so have fun with it and see where it takes you.