All Weapon & Item Locations for Oligarch in CoD Modern Warfare 3

You’ll need to track down every weapon and item hidden throughout the map while playing Modern Warfare 3’s Oligarch mission.


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The Open Combat Missions in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 give you the freedom to grab a variety of weapons and items to use throughout your mission. You’ll need to track them all down, especially for the Oligarch mission.

There are 21 weapons and items for you to find throughout the Oligarch mission. The real difficulty is narrowing down those locations to add that equipment to your collection, unlocking them for the mission to use on harder difficulties. Here’s what you need to know about how to find all weapon and item locations for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Oligarch mission.

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Where to Find All Weapon & Item Locations in Oligarch for Modern Warfare 3

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During an Open Combat Mission in Modern Warfare 3, many weapons and items you can use are hidden throughout the map. You can unlock them to use in future repeats of a mission by finding them once. When you repeat a mission on a higher difficulty, you’ll have access to every weapon and item you can find. In my experience, it’s better to find them all on a lower-difficulty mission, sweeping through the entire map, and then repeating the mission on a higher rating using your favorite equipment.

The weapons and items you find are inside orange containers. Again, you only need to open the container once to unlock these weapons, but tracking down all 21 in the Oligarch mission can be a real challenge in Modern Warfare 3. The process is the same as Reactor, Precious Cargo, and Crash Site. These weapons do not carry over into other missions, unfortunately. They are unique to every Open Combat Mission, and you can repeat them at your leisure, unlocking the achievements tied to them and completing them all in stealth.

These are all the weapons and items you can find while playing through Modern Warfare 3’s Oligarch Open Combat Mission.

Weapon & Item LocationWeapon & Item Name
Akimbo-.50-GS-Oligarch-in-Modern-Warfare-3Akimbo .50 GS
Anti-Armor-Rounds-Oligarch-in-Modern-Warfare-3Anti-Armor Rounds
Armor-Box-Oligarch-in-Modern-Warfare-3Armor Box
Cronen-Squall-Oligarch-in-Modern-Warfare-3Cronen Squall
Explosived-Crossbow-Oligarch-in-Modern-Warfare-3.Explosive Crossbow
Explosive-Katt-ARM-Oligarch-in-Modern-Warfare-3Explosive Katt-AMR
Heartbeat-Sensor-Oligarch-in-Modern-Warfare-3Heartbeat Sensor
Hybrid-Kastov-545-Oligarch-in-Modern-Warfare-3Hybrid Kastov 545
Incendiary-Bryson-800-Oligarch-in-Modern-Warfare-3Incendiary Bryson 800
MCW-6.8-Oligarch-in-Modern-Warfare-3MCW 6.8
Pulemyot-762-Oligarch-in-Modern-Warfare-3Pulemyot 762
Recon-Drone-Oligarch-in-Modern-Warfare-3Recon Drone
Silenced-Bryson-800-Oligarch-in-Modern-Warfare-3Silenced Bryson 800
Silenced-DM56-Oligarch-in-Modern-Warfare-3Silenced DM56
Silenced-M16-Oligarch-in-Modern-Warfare-3Silenced M16
Silenced-M4-Oligarch-in-Modern-Warfare-3Silenced M4
Silenced-WSP-9-Oligarch-in-Modern-Warfare-3Silenced WSP-9
Snapshot-Pulse-Oligarch-in-Modern-Warfare-3Snapshot Pulse
STB-556-Oligarch-in-Modern-Warfare-3STB 556