All weapon skins in the Evolution Collection Event for Apex Legends

Take down your enemies, Rampart style.

Evolution Collection Event weapon skins

Images via Respawn

The Evolution Collection Event is full of awesome cosmetics, such as new Legends skins, a great new Prize Tracker, and of course a bunch of new weapon skins as well. Being that this is Rampart’s event, of course the weapon skins have to come with a little bit of extra flair, and we feel these designs have brought just that. There are 11 new weapons skins total, and all of them are Epic, Legendary or Heirloom-tier.

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Evolution Collection Weapon Skins

The Evolution event collection contains eight of the new weapons skins within it. Four are Legendary skins, and four are Epic. Many of the weapons can be matched with Legend skins from the event, like usual.

Amethyst Apathy (Legendary R-301 Carbine skin)

Amethyst Apathy
Screenshot by Gamepur

Ethereal Expectations (Legendary Sentinel skin)

Ethereal Expectations
Screenshot by Gamepur

Hydraulic Helper (Legendary Rampage skin)

Hydraulic Helper
Screenshot by Gamepur

Master Blaster (Legendary Mastiff skin)

Master Blaster
Screenshot by Gamepur

Silicon Dream (Epic Longbow skin)

Silicon Dream
Screenshot by Gamepur

Aqua Flow (Epic Flatline skin)

Aqua Flow
Screenshot by Gamepur

Time Circuit (Epic 30-30 Repeater skin)

Time Circuit
Screenshot by Gamepur

Artifact Finder (Epic Hemlok skin)

Artifact Finder
Screenshot by Gamepur

Prize Tracker Weapon Skins

This event’s Prize Tracker has two Legendary weapon skins. We especially like the look of the Triple Take skin, but both are good-looking.

Final Form (Legendary Wingman Skin)

Final Form
Screenshot by Gamepur

Prime Precision (Legendary Triple Take Skin)

Prime Precision
Screenshot by Gamepur

Evolution Heirloom

Rampart is the newest Legend to receive their Heirloom Melee Weapon skin, and the latest introduced Legend (season 6) to get one. Unlock it by buying out the Evolution collection, or wait until the event is over and buy it from the Heirloom Store for 150 Heirloom Shards. This is the 11th Heirloom in the game.

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Problem Solver (Rampart Heirloom)

Problem Solver Heirloom
Screenshot by Gamepur