All XP Coin locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

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XP Coins in Fortnite are collectibles that you can find all over the map. It is an easy way to get extra XP, and they are often tied to challenges you need to complete in the game, so knowing where to find them is helpful. Each week in Season 3, we will be updating this article with a new map of the XP Coins locations to make finding them easier.

Green Coins will give you 5000XP, while Purple Coins will provide you with a total of 10,000 XP if you collect all the smaller coins that explode out of them. To make this easier, just build a box around it before you pick it up, and make sure you put a roof on it. When you have collected a coin, it will disappear and stay gone until the coins refresh, which happens weekly or ever two weeks. We are not sure of the refresh rate in Season 3 yet.

Week 1 XP Coins

There are four Purple Coins and eight Green Coins on the map this week.

Week 1 XP Coins Season 3

Week 2 XP Coins

Four Purple and eight Green XP Coins up for grabs this week. Lots of them are in awkward spots, like little huts or under bridges.

Week 2

Week 3

The water is receding, so we have even more map to check. We will be updating the below map as we find them. Sorry it is taking a little longer than normal, we were distracted by the Firework quick challenge, but are on the hunt for XP Coins now.

So far we have 2 purple, and 4 greens. Still on the hunt.

A Note on Blue Coins: Blue coins hide in items, and will not be instantly visible in the area. There is an embedded video below that will show you where to find them.

Week 3

Week 4

2 Purples, 5 Blues, and 4 Greens by our count this week. Once again we have a video for the blue ones, as they are hidden inside objects in the game.

Week 5

Four greens, five blues, and 2 purples again this week.

Week 6

There are, according to data leaks, three Golden Coins, but we are unable to find them, and they do not appear to be active on the map at this time. We will update the below map when, or if, they show up.

Week 7

There are normally five blue XP coins, but we have spent hours looking for the last one, and cannot find. Nobody else can either, so at the moment we assume it is glitched.

Week 8

You can see the locations for this weeks Blue, Green and Purple coins above. Gold XP Coins have been added to the game, and can only be collected in a car, or in a Choppa. We have made two maps, once for each vehicle.

Video for all Gold Coins