Anniversary Sync Pair Steven and Rayquaza moves in Pokémon Masters EX

Steven and Rayquaza Sync Pair seems underwhelming.

Image via DeNa

DeNA is introducing three new Sync Pairs in Pokémon Masters EX as part of the Two-Year anniversary celebration. One of these Sync Pairs is Steven and Rayquaza, a physical Striker unit with Flying-type capabilities. Furthermore, Rayquaza is the first non-egg Pokémon in the game that is debuting in its shiny form. That said, here is a breakdown of the unit and all its moves.

Steven and Rayquaza moveset

As mentioned before, Rayquaza is categorized as Flying-type Pokémon in Pokémon Masters EX. It has the ability to Mega evolve when utilizing the Sync move and is vulnerable to Ice-type attacks. Additionally, the Sync Pair has four passive skills, which are as follows-

  • Hoenn Flag Bearer: Increases the power level of ally Sync Pairs’ moves by 10% and reduces the move damage taken by 10%. Furthermore, for each additional Hoenn Sync Pair in your team, the power level of moves increases by 10% (upto 30%), and damage taken by enemy moves is reduced by 3% (upto 26%). 
  • Downside Up: Moves or passive abilities that reduce the stats of Sync Pair do not work and increase the stats by the same amount instead.
  • Good Form: The higher the Sync Pair’s stats, the more powerful its moves become.
  • Move Guage Refresh 4: Has a 50% chance of replenishing the move gauge by one if the attack is successful.

Steven and Rayquaza’s moves are as follows-

  • Dragon Ascent (4-gauge move): Deals damage between 190-230 but lowers user’s Defense and Sp.Def by one rank.
  • X Attack (2 usages): Increases user’s Attack by one rank.
  • Draco Meteor (3-gauge move): Deals damage between 136-163 but reduces user’s Sp.Atk by one rank.
  • Sky High (2 usages): Increases the user’s Critical Hit by one rank and makes the next Sync Pair’s attacks supereffective. When used by Mega Rayquaza, it increases the user’s speed by two ranks.
  • Triumph and Glory Dragon Ascent (Sync move): Deals damage between 160-192 and transforms into Mega Rayquaza.

At first glance, the general stats of Rayquaza seems pale when compared to recently released Sync Pairs. However, the unit can provide a bunch of buffs, which can significantly increase the overall damage. Steven and Rayquaza is a slow unit and require proper setup before it can be effective. It’s vital to Mega evolve the Pokémon before it can be an adequate threat which can be a downside in short fights. That said, it should be able to clear all the current battles available in the game comfortably.

Should you pull for Steven and Rayquaza

Players that are lacking a decent Flying-type unit can summon Steven and Rayquaza. However, the other two Sync Pairs coming to the game as part of the anniversary celebration seem much better at first glance. Additionally, multiple Sync Pairs are present in the game, filling a similar role as Steven and Rayquaza. Ultimately, it all boils down to playstyle and personal preference.