Are Gyroids in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

New arrivals.

Gyroids have been a staple in the Animal Crossing series for years and the Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0.0 update has finally added them to the most recent iteration of the game. While they were not included at launch, something many fans felt was a surprising omission, they are now available.

Gyroids act as something of a decoration for your buildings in Animal Crossing New Horizons. The Gyroids can be found as Gyroid Fragments buried in different places around the island. They will look a lot like fossils at first glance, so make sure you dig them up even if you have a full Museum. By digging them up and then burying them and watering them, players can create fully functional Gyroids.

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It is also possible to customize Gyroids, as long as you have enough customization kits. This allows players to change the color of the Gyroid to something that suits the room they plan on placing it in.

Gyroids will make music, giving you another source of sounds other than KK Slider songs. You can have multiple Gyroids in the same room, and the different sounds that they make can combine together in interesting and unique ways.