Armor Dyes Location Guide – Witcher 3 Blood and Wine

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With the expansion pack, Witcher 3 will feature new items, quest, armor, weapons and much more. Dyes are one of the added features which help you to customize your Armor with different colors for each gear. These Dyes are scattered all across the Map soo we decided to show you the location for all the 8 Dyes in the DLC and how to apply them.

Armor Dye Location

Armor Dyes Location

The Dyes won’t increase your Armor strength, but only the look and alter the color for each gear. These are the unique consumable which can be either purchased from the Vendor or dropped by enemies or find the Dyes recipe and craft in Toussaint. Once you get them go to your armor-equipment menu to preview the Dyes you’ve collected. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the location for all the Armor Dyes in Blood and Wine.

Black Armor Dye Crafting Recipe

Head Northwest of Toussaint until you come across castle ruins. You can grab this recipe from the chest inside.

Purple Armor Dye Crafting Recipe

You need to accept ‘The Tufo Monster’ quest from the Noticeboard in Flovive. Now talk to Tuto and head to the place where you last saw Jean-Luc and take the key to the Basement. Now head down and open the treasure chest to grab this recipe.

White Armor Dye Crafting Recipe

Head Northeast of the Capital inside the Mont Crane Castle. Once you get inside take left and then right to climb up the stairs. Take a left and climb all the way to the top where you see a small tent on your left with this treasure chest on the table.

Brown Armor Dye Crafting Recipe

Head Northwest of the Fox Hollow and head up the Hill passing all the houses. Now drop down to the left and climb up again from the ledge and keep following the path until you come across the Monster Den where you will this Dye.

Pink Armor Dye Crafting Recipe

Northeast of Beauclair you will head inside the Mont Crane Castle. You need to take left from Hansa Stronghold’s courtyard then use the magic lamp on the wall to head down the corridor. Finally, you will come across the Alchemist’s table on your left(Before the secret room) where you will find the Recipe.

Gray Armor Dye Crafting Recipe

Accept ‘A Knight’s Tales’ quest from the notice board in Castle Ravello Vineyard. While you are exploring in the quest you’ll have an objective to Search the hut using the Witcher Senses. You can easily locate the Dye Recipe inside the Hut hidden in a dresser.

Green Armor Dye Crafting Recipe

Head inside Fort Ussar to find the area where you see Slyzards. Loot all the chest in the area and you will find this Dye inside the chest.

Yellow Armor Dye Crafting Recipe

Get inside the Cemetery in Beauclair then head inside the crypt. Follow the narrow alleyway and you will find this Dye near the skeletons on your left.

Red Armor Dye Crafting Recipe

This Final Dye can be found near the lake around Dun Tynne Crossroads. You will come across a cave where you need to inside to find the box near the bed and grab this recipe.

Dye Vendor Location

These were all the Recipes you can find all across the Map, but if you want to avoid all the exploration then directly head towards the first Dye vendor in Southeastern part of Beauclair. This Vendor is near the Beach area in a small inlet and it’s very hard to miss him. This Vendor sells every type of dye and removal as well and they cost you 1000 Gold per unit. This is the list of all the Dye he sells.

  • Grey Dye
  • Turquoise Dye
  • Brown Dye
  • Green Dye
  • Blue Dye
  • Orange Dye
  • Pink Dye
  • Yellow Dye
  • Dye Remover