Back 4 Blood Hoffman guide – Tips, tactics, best cards

Running out of ammo? Fear not.

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Hoffman is one of the playable Cleaners in Back 4 Blood. You won’t have access to him at the start of the game. Instead, he and other characters are unlocked after a short while. You just need to complete Act 1 – The Devil’s Return in campaign mode. Here’s our guide to help you with the best weapons, cards, and tips for Hoffman in Back 4 Blood.

Abilities and playstyle

Hoffman has the following perks available by default if he’s chosen in your Back 4 Blood missions:

  • Always Prepared – Hoffman has a chance to find ammo when killing Ridden.
  • Cargo Pockets – +10% team max ammo capacity.
  • Ready To Rock – +1 offensive inventory.
  • Never Without – Start with an ammo pack.

Hoffman doesn’t particularly excel in any specific weaponry. However, his perks allow him to help the team immensely. Always Prepared, Cargo Pockets, and Never Without all mean that there’s more ammo to go around. Meanwhile, Ready To Rock gives him increased inventory space for offensive throwable items like frag grenades, pipe bombs, and Molotov cocktails.

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Best cards for Hoffman

Even though Hoffman has decent perks that provide extra ammo, we still need additional boons with that utility. Here are our suggested best cards for Hoffman in Back 4 Blood:

  • Offensive Scavenger – Sense more offensive accessories; more offensive accessories spawn.
  • Two Is One and One Is None – Equip a primary weapon in your secondary slot; -25% swap speed.
  • Pyro – +100% fire damage; kills with fire grant you +3 temporary health; can sense nearby flammable objects.
  • Bomb Squad – +100% explosive damage; +35% explosive resistance.
  • Grenade Training – +25% accessory damage.
  • Demolitions Expert – +50% accessory damage; -15% ammo capacity.
  • Improvised Explosives – +75% accessory damage; -25% swap speed.
  • Fire In The Hole – When you throw an offensive accessory, gain 20 temporary health and +20% movement speed for five seconds.
  • Ammo Pouch – +25% ammo capacity.
  • Ridden Slayer – +20% weak spot damage.
  • Reckless Strategy – +30% weak spot damage; -5% damage resistance.
  • Broadside – Precision kills have a 20% chance to cause Ridden to explode, dealing 15 damage to other nearby enemies.
  • Combat Training – +5% bullet damage and +50% bullet penetration.
  • Shredder – Each bullet hit causes the target to take +1% increased damage for three seconds; stacks up to 15%.
  • Confident Killer – When you or a teammate kills a Mutation, gain +1% damage (stacks up to 15% until the end of the level.
  • Grenade Pouch – +1 offensive inventory.
  • Surplus Pouches – +1 team offensive inventory; -10% health.
  • Other cards that increase ammo or weapon damage – Since Hoffman doesn’t have a specific weapon type that he’d excel in using, just choose cards for a particular weapon that you’d like to focus on. For instance, you can get Tactical Vest if you like equipping assault rifles and light machine guns.

As you can see, our primary card picks for Hoffman in Back 4 Blood include several options that boost his capabilities when throwing grenades and Molotov cocktails. We also suggest Two Is One and One Is None. The extra ammo you can scavenge implies that both primary weapons won’t run empty that often. Still, assuming you’re playing on higher difficulties, you must have cards that grant extra ammo, too. Your enemies will be more challenging, hence needing more bullets before they can be brought down.