Baldurs Gate 3: Best Adamantine Forge Items, Ranked (Tier List)

You put in the work to uncover and conquer the Adamantine Forge — time to score the best items in BG3.

best adamantine forge items bg3

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The Adamantine Forge commands respect from the second you walk in. To unlock it, you had to engage in an elaborately complex boss fight against a giant golem guardian. Adding insult to injury, this followed a brutal boss fight with a nasty Drow, constantly shoving me into scalding lava.

I hope we’re on the same page about milking this place dry for every ounce of molten iron. Seriously, after the hassle of unlocking it, it better have the sickest armor and deadliest weapons to skewer enemies with. In any case, resources are limited, and not all Adamantine Forge items are created equal. Sure, you could walk out with all six of them if you want, but you’ll throw at least three of them into the trash as soon as you start Act 2. So, to help you choose wisely, I’ve crafted a guide with the best Adamantine Forge items in Baldur’s Gate 3 ranked.

6. Adamantine Longsword

Adamantine Longsword stats bg3
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Oh, the Adamantine Longsword. It’s easily the most accessible Mould to find, and on the surface, it’s a gem. A weapon that guarantees critical hits?

I, too, was a sweet summer child and believed in this fake propaganda. However, as it turns out, the Adamantine Longsword’s Diamondsbane works as long as it hits an object. From what I know, the sole worthwhile battle for this weapon is against a Mimic in the Underdark.

As for the deadly cambions, the vampire overlords, and cult mommies… well, it simply won’t work. That renders this longsword useless.

5. Adamantine Scimitar

Adamantine Scimitar stats bg3
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The Adamantine Scimitar is not that different from the Adamantine Longsword. It has the same few strengths and shares the same irrevocable flaws. But here’s the kicker for the Adamantine Scimitar: there aren’t many top-notch weapons in that league.

Whereas you can and will replace your Adamantine Longsword as soon as you hit the Last Light Inn, the Adamantine Scimitar can stay with you much longer. Even with its lower damage output, it’s a finesse weapon, so you snag the perks of a beefier class using a one-handed weapon.

4. Adamantine Mace

Adamantine Mace stats bg3
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The Adamantine Mace is the lesser evil of all Adamantine weapons you can craft in Baldur’s Gate Grymforge. That +2 Acid Damage can be particularly helpful when you’re up against several enemies, and you need passive damage to do its trick for you. It’s also a Bludgeoning damage-dealing weapon that negates all sorts of resistance against Bludgeoning, which will always give you the upper hand in battle. You can always give one — or two if you’re feeling reckless — to Drow mommy, Minthara.

3. Adamantine Shield

Adamantine Shield stats bg3
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The Adamantine Shield is a standout because of that sweet critical hit immunity. Medium and Heavy Armor offer that, too, but at the cost of an armor slot that perhaps doesn’t fit their build. Instead, you could equip the Adamantine Shield to pretty much any character and keep it available for anything else.

This one is particularly great if you’re going for a Cleric-only Shadowheart, especially in Act 3, where that extra layer of defense can be a game-changer. Plus, the Shield Bash passive skill can save you more than once by miraculously throwing enemies off a cliff when you least expect it.

2. Adamantine Scale Mail

Adamantine Scale Mail stats bg3
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The Adamantine Scale mail is a pretty solid medium armor that will get you a strong start in Act 2, especially if you’re actively using Karlach as a Barbarian. This armor negates the main drawback of reckless attacks by not allowing them to be critical. With the Adamantine Scale Mail, Barbarian Karlach will be a DPS powerhouse in early Act 2 while also reducing some of the incoming damage.

However, that doesn’t mean you can completely ignore Act 2’s mechanics to lift the shadow curse. Every turn means your party will be taken damage, even if they’re wearing one of the best items that the Adamantine Forge has to offer in BG3.

1. Adamantine Splint Armour

Adamantine Armour stats bg3
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The Adamantine Splint Armor is the single best item you can walk out of the Adamantine Forge with. Regardless of which class you’re playing — I’m a Wizard so that you know — you’ll inevitably need a tank in your party. Whether this is Lae’zel or if you decide to switch to Minsc in Act 3, the Adamantine Splint Armor is your go-to armor for any tanky character.

This armor will have your tank protected from all critical hits and reduce all damage by 2, especially with the Heavy Armor mastery. This is a massive benefit you won’t be able to top until the end of Act 2. Yes, including that Balthazar boss battle, unnerfed.