Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Speak with Animals Interactions in BG3

Stop sleeping on the Speak with Animals spell and have a chitchat with all these creatures in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 boasts an abundance of dialogue lines, the majority dedicated to regular NPC interactions. Yet, a less apparent gem lies in conversing with animals, a facet often missed. In my initial playthrough, I ignored the potential of Speak with Animals spells. The realm teems with uproarious and consequential exchanges with creatures that are an absolute must-experience. This piece highlights the top 10 animal dialogues in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Tara the Tressym

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Perched on the Open Hand Temple’s rooftop, Tara the Tressym indulges in pigeon treats. Use Speak with Animals and interact with the creature standing atop the pile of missing letters. The encounter takes a delightful turn if Gale is at the party because it turns out they share an unexpected friendship, highlighting the city’s compactness.

Gale extends a request for the ring with a carefree sentiment. Still, the option to implore Tara to spare the courier pigeons remains open. In a gallant response, Tara wholeheartedly consents.

Rosymorn Monastery Giant Eagle

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This one earns a spot just because it’s a Giant Eagle we’re talking to. This magnificent bird, complete with a comical accent, will amusingly express surprise and instruct her offspring, Xavier, to take cover. Using Speak with Animals on the Giant Eagle in the Rosymorn Monastery allows you to ask it to step away while you snag the puzzle’s weapon from its nest. She agrees to let you approach without attacking, but not before warning its kiddo to stay away because you “might have germs.”

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Crimson The Dino

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Crimson, the dino-being of Baldur’s Gate’s Circus of The Last Days, beckons with a ferocious hunger. He beseeches for your flesh in a ravenous plea, teetering on the edge of starvation.

Offer a morsel, prompting a transformation in his tone upon your return. With a newfound intellect, he remorsefully apologizes for his prior demand. When questioned about the circus mistreating him, he defends them as saviors, pointing the claw at the real issue: “Dribbles.”

Skittle The Rat

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In the Heapside Prison, use Speak with Animals to talk to Skittle the rat. As chance would have it, you’ve stumbled upon an extraordinary encounter—Skittle, as it turns out, is a merchant peddling goods. This secret merchant sells some rare stuff, like the Elixir of Universal Resistance and Thieves’ Tools. Still, its most exclusive item for sale is a key to a Safe in the Counting House.

Cats. Just, all of the cats.

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Larian Studios’ writers truly grasp feline essence, evident through the various cat encounters spread across the game.

At Moonrise Towers, a resident-named “fluffers” cat dismisses its moniker and shuts out the conversation due to your “furless” nature.

Then there’s Kira, the cat at Sharess Caress, who’ll open the conversation by welcoming your compliments. This conversation can go by for quite some time, and she’ll just gracefully receive your compliments.

I simply can’t talk about Barsik, a cat who invites you to swear fealty to Sharess “by his paw.”

One cat is even named His Majesty, and will limit himself to hissing at you, even if you’re using Speak with Animals in BG3. I guess I’m not worthy.

Sparky, The Running Dog

Speak with Sparky BG3
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Close to Baldur’s Gate’s park, a hyperactive dog dashes around with unbridled glee. Meanwhile, the owner watches, anxiety etched on their face, fearing retribution for missing tea. In BG3, the “Speak with Animals” ability unveils Sparky’s singular train of thought: “runrunrunrun.” Now, it’s the players’ task to persuade this boundlessly energetic pup to halt the sprint and return home with its owner.

Commander Lightfeather Pidgeon

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In Act 3, you’ll cross paths with Commander Lightfeather, a pigeon with attitude. This comical rendezvous practically screams, “Someone had fun scripting this!” To even get a word from the commander, you’ll need to declare your name and rank. In this whimsical escapade, players can dive into a mission: recovering lost letters and persuading a lethal Tressym to spare the pigeons. It’s crazy to think a side quest is hidden under all this optional pigeon dialogue.

The Strange Ox

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The most intricate episodes involve the enigmatic Strange Ox, progressively unfolding with each Act. Encountered first in the Druid Grove during Act 1, this cryptic creature tantalizingly conceals secrets. Mysteriously, it announces its journey to Baldur’s Gate.

In Act 3, the pursuit of the Strange Ox leads players to Baldur’s Gate, sparking a renewed dialogue. Unexpectedly, its ruminations, as our protagonist highlights, defy bovine expectations. A climactic face-off exposes the Ox’s genuine identity: an entity resembling a turquoise slime or flan.