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Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Complete Return Rakath’s Gold in BG3

There was a robbery at the Counting House in Baldur's Gate 3, and you need to help Rakath get his gold back.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is full of quests, and one you’ll receive while chasing down the Stone Lord in Baldur’s Gate is called Return Rakath’s Gold. This occurs shortly after arriving at the Counting House and witnessing the Stone Lord’s robbery of the place.

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Although it might seem like a simple robbery, there’s more going on than you might initially see, and Rakath will task you with returning the stolen Gold to the Counting House. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete Return Rakath’s Gold and where you need to go to finish the quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Start Return Rakath’s Gold in BG3

To start the Return Rakath’s Gold side quest in BG3, you’ll need to head to the Counting House located south-most in The Lower City. If you’re following Jaheira’s The High Harper questline, you can talk to Rakath Glitterbeard at the front desk and receive a pass that will let you into the lower vaults below.

Heading into the Counting House vaults, you’ll walk in on an attempt to ensnare the Stone Lord and initiate a battle with a group of bhaalist goons. Ensure, Rakath survives this fight and then talk to him once the battle is over. He’ll plead for you to find and return the stolen gold, starting the Return Rakath’s Gold quest.

How to Investigate the Crime Scene in Baldur’s Gate 3

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The first task you’ll need to do after witnessing the robbery is to investigate the crime scene. You must walk around the Bank with your Baldur’s Gate 3 party. You can search the entire Bank, but the main clues you’re going to find that have to do with this quest are going to be in the vault. After stepping into the vault, your character or a party member will point out the dirty floor and will deduce that the Stone Lord fled to the sewers.

Where to Find the Stolen Gold in the Sewers in Baldur’s Gate 3

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To find Rakath’s Gold in BG3, you’ll want to head to the Abandoned Cistern in the Lower City sewers. You can enter the sewers in Baldur’s Gate by finding any of the manholes on the service. One of the better ones to reach this location is to the right of Baldur’s Gate Waypoint, and make your way south into an alleyway. The manhole at the end of this alley will lead down to the Undercity waypoint in the sewers.

From the Undercity, you’ll want to move towards the western part of the sewers with your BG3 group. At the very end of the pathway, you’ll need to engage in a sluice gate puzzle that involves you cranking some water valves to access a vault door below. Once you have that figured out, you can head inside where you’ll encounter the Stone Lord, with the fake Jaheria, who assisted the Stone Lord in robbing the bank.

Although the Stone Lord (a.k.a. Minsc) and “Jaheria” are your primary targets, you’ll also want to go after the Zhentarim Agent sent to retrieve the money they stole. This will be either Roah Moonglow or Friol if Roah is dead by this point. Roah / Friol are the ones that have pocked Rakath’s gold, and they’ll start running toward the back exit in the Abandoned Cistern during this fight.

You’ll want to try to knock the Zhentarim agent out, or you can choose to kill them with your party, but you’ll only a few moves to do so before they escape. If you eliminate them, and loot their body, you’ll find the Rakath’s gold, and you can bring that back to Rakath with your Baldur’s Gate 3 party.

If the Zhentarim agent managed to escape during your battle with Minsc, they’ll head over to the Guildhall next. You can travel over there after dealing with Minsc, and upon approach, Roah / Friol will offer an alliance. Turn them down and side with the Guildhall to initiate a large battle with Zhentarim forces. You can kill Roah / Friol here without worry of them running away and loot their body to grab Rakath’s gold. If you decide to accept the Zhentarim alliance, you’ll likely have to pickpocket Roah / Friol to get Rakath’s gold back, which may be a lot trickier to pull off.

Now that you have Rakath’s gold in hand, the final step in the quest is to bring the gold back to Rakath. You can find them in the Counting House in Baldur’s Gate. You should be able to enter the Counting House the same way you got into it and provide the gold to Rakath, completing the quest. But of course, you can also just keep Rakath’s gold for yourself. The princely sum is much larger than the rewards he has to offer: 2,635 gold and the No.9 Vault Key, which will grand you access to an Elegant Studded Leather armor.

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