Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Attack or Absorb the Newborn Mind Flayer’s Powers in BG3?

Explore the outcomes of this scenario to decide whether to kill or spare the Mind Flayer at the Windmill in Baldur’s Gate 3.

BG3 Absorb Newborn Mind Flayer Powers

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The sunny landscapes of Baldur’s Gate are a welcome sight after all that darkness in Act 2. Exploring the area will result in some random encounters, even with Mind Flayers. By walking into the Abandoned Windmill northeast of Rivergton’s entrance, a wooden hatch leading to an underground area will pop up. Though some opulent chests would have been welcomed, it turns out a sleepy, newborn Mind Flayer is here. The Emperor seizes the moment and prompts you to consume the Mind Flayer to harness its power, but is this poor thing deserving of death?

BG3: Absorb The Sleeping Newborn Mind Flayer’s Powers in the Abandoned Windmill

Wake the Sleeping Mindflayer
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Attacking the Mind Flayer will wake him up, but there will be no initial confrontation. Instead, he’ll ask to have a word before going up in a fistfight. If you’re not up to a chat, attack him again to engage in a fight.

After beating the Mind Flayer, the Mind Flayer brain is added to the inventory, which they can consume to, presumably, level up their Mind Flayer skill tree powers. I say presumably because though I killed the thing, I didn’t dare ingest its brain. Though I’m sure, this would be a fun choice for those who have unlocked the Illithid Power skill tree.

The Newborn Mind Flayer does have a cool ring in his pocket. The Ring of Truthfulness gives you advantage on Insight checks, which are always helpful.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Attack The Sleeping Newborn Mind Flayer in the Abandoned Windmill

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If you choose to wake the Mind Flayer up instead of stabbing him in his sleep, there will be a space for conversation. He’ll explain what his transformation was like and let you know that, like most babies, he is hungry. Players can then choose to tell the Mind Flayer to look for his own meal or embark on a quest to fetch him some meat.

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Being a Mind Flayer and all, I thought he could do his own dirty work and get his own prey. If you let the Abandoned Windmill’s Mind Flayer live, he will attack a couple having a picnic nearby, killing the woman before floating off to find some more human food, probably.