Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Kill the Dream Visitor or Turn Against Vlaakith in BG3

Here are all the possible outcomes of siding with the Dream or Queen Vlaakith in BG3.

Dream Visitor Vs Vlaakith

Image by Gamepur

Baldur’s Gate 3 is full of surprises, even in the game’s first Act. I don’t know what I expected from my visit to the Githyanki Creche, but a private audience with Vlaakith herself following portal hop to the Astral Plane to meet my Dream Visitor was not on my Mountain Pass bingo card. After being forced to enter the Artifact Shadowheart carries around, a choice must be made: kill the dream visitor or become Vlaakith’s enemy.

Option 1: Turn Against Vlaakith and the Githyanki

Side with Vlaakith BG3
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Vlaakith, the undying queen of the githyanki, asks for the Astral Prism to end the Grand Design. In exchange, she promises Ascension, the highest honor for a githyanki warrior. Her instructions are clear: use the Planecaster to enter the Astral Prism, Shadowheart’s Artefact, and kill the Dream Visitor inside.

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We discover a lie that Vlaakith is trying to bury inside the Astral Plane with the Dream Visitor and ourselves. If you choose not to kill the Dream Visitor, the Inquisitor will launch a surprise attack against you outside the Astral Prism, and all Githyanki besides Lae’zel will become the enemy.

Option 2: Kill the Dream Visitor Inside the Astral Prism Artefact

Side with Dream Visitor BG3
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Dream Visitor is a mysterious creature that mirrors the character’s race. He periodically visits the camp and takes over everyone’s dreams, revealing bits of the story and leaving mysteriously to tend to a “battle.” It’s an enigmatic character who doesn’t earn the player’s trust easily, but is he really deserving of death?

Choosing to kill the Dream Visitor doesn’t end his life but severs his trust in you. He still needs you for some mysterious reason; you still need him to avoid becoming a Mind Flayer. 

After exiting the Astral Prism, the Inquisitor and the other warriors will launch an assault. This makes Lae’zel quite sad, and she begins to question her loyalties. Lae’zel‘s heartache grows, prompting her to question where her allegiances lie.