Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Unleash or Annihilate Mizora in the Mind Flayer Colony

Here’s every possible outcome for Wyll if you choose to kill or free Mizora from the pod in Baldur’s Gate 3.,

Free vs Kill Mizora BG3

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Baldur’s Gate 3’s Mizora oozes devilish charm. Partnered with disgraced warrior Wyll, she weaves infernal pacts, tugging his strings in their camp encounters, luring him into daring feats, and tightening her grip on the unsuspecting lad. After our poor companion is turned into a devil, Mizora asks for one last favor before setting Wyll free of his contract: to rescue Zariel’s Asset from Moonrise Tower in BG3. 

Where to Find & Rescue Zariel’s Asset in Baldur’s Gate 3

To complete this part of Wyll’s The Blade of Frontiers companion side quest, look for Zariel’s Asset in the Mind Flayer Colony. Zariel’s Asset is locked inside a pod right past the room where Zevlor is. As it turns out, Zariel’s Asset is, in fact, Mizora. She put in a request to save herself from the Mind Flayer’s grasp. 

BG3: Free Mizora From the Mind Flayer Pod

Zariel's Asset Location BG3
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By choosing to unleash Mizora from the pod, Wyll is fulfilling his contractual duty. Mizora will come out of the pod and declare that, as per the contract, Wyll will be free of his devilish pact in six months. 

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She had failed to mention that time lapse when she proposed this deal in the camp, but though you can complain and defy her, the deal remains the same. Here’s hoping the parasite hasn’t eaten everyone’s brain by then.

BG3: Annihilate Mizora In the Mind Flayer Pod

The Blade of Frontiers Wyll Companion Side Quest
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Choose to kill Mizora inside the pod, and die she will. On the flip side, Wyll will permanently leave the party and camp. He will be dragged into Avernus for failing to comply with his side of the contract. 

Though having to deal with this cambion is a pain in the butt, having Wyll completely removed from the party and taken away to the worst of hell doesn’t sound like a good bargain.