Baldur’s Gate Boss Battles: Most Creative Ways To Not Fight The Bad Guy

I guess spamming quicksaves to pass persuasion checks really does pay off to avoid boss fights in Baldur’s Gate 3. Here is how we did it.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has rich storytelling, complex characters, and thrilling battles. However, some players may not be so keen on the battling aspect of this game, preferring to take a leisurely stroll through the story instead. Well, you can win over some of the most challenging bosses in the game without ever unsheathing your sword or casting a spell. Sometimes, it’s not about combat prowess – it’s about the art of persuasion and strategy. 

Yurgir, Raphael’s Orthon

Orthon Yurgir Baldur's Gate 3
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During Act 2, Raphael will lock players into yet another deal: kill Orthon Yurgir, and he’ll read Astarion’s mysterious writing on his back. In the heart of the Gauntlet of Shar, Yurgir is an unforgiving boss backed up by around 10 of his minions and a Displacer Beast. I would have probably ragequit if I hadn’t cheesed this battle with Polymorph.

However, this can all be avoided with the right party member leading the dialogue and some well-timed insight checks. You can convince Yurgir to end his own life. By learning about his contract with Raphael and using your charisma and persuasion skills, you’ll guide Yurgir to sing his final song, leading to a dramatic and unexpected exit.

Goblin Priestess Gut

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The Goblin Priestess can be encountered in Act 1 when you’re meant to defeat all three Goblin Leaders while still a level 4 pup. You can expect a fierce battle against a dozen goblins unless you whisk her away to her chambers. 

But if you play your cards right during the interrogation and choose to cooperate rather than confront, the situation takes a surprising turn. Sure, you’ll have to drink an ominous potion, endure a couple of hours inside a cage, and tolerate Astarion’s disapproval – but, eventually, Korilla, one of Raphael’s associates, will step in and handle Priestess Gut, allowing you to walk away victorious without lifting a finger. 

Gerringothe Thorm

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Gerringothe Thorm guards passage through the Shadow-Cursed Lands’ Toll and doesn’t intend to let you through unless you spare her some or all of your coin. She is a formidable figure covered in gold, which makes me want to bottle her up and sell her to a vendor.

Thankfully, you don’t have to engage in a battle of strength unless you want to. By carefully navigating the conversation and opting to ask questions instead of attacking or giving gold, you can make Gerringothe question her attachment to wealth. With a successful persuasion, deception, or intimidation check, Gerringothe and her minions meet a fiery end. You walk away with the Twist of Fortune Morningstar and however many coins you feel like picking up off the ground.

Malus Thorm

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In a scene that seems like it was cut off from a Silent Hill movie, Malus Thorm can be found in the House of Healing. The guy’s torturing a half-dead corpse under the pretense of serving Shar. While he may seem like a challenging boss, you can outsmart him with the right dialogue choices. 

By playing along with Malus’ twisted experiment and using your investigation, religion, or persuasion skills, you can turn his nurses against him. Choose your skill wisely and avoid having the nurses turn on each other. This clever strategy leads to Malus meeting an unexpected fate.

Thisobald Thorm

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Thisobald Thorm awaits in The Waning Moon tavern, and defeating him doesn’t require a conventional fight. You can stick a sword in his belly if that tickles your fancy, but there is a much less violent and much more gorey alternative.

To best Thisobald, you must participate in a unique drinking contest. Pass multiple saving throws and performance checks as you share stories of your adventures while keeping your wits about you. You’ll pretend to drink while he drowns himself in liquor, eventually causing his belly to explode all over the tavern.


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If I hadn’t built Lae’zel like the unrelenting tank she is, this fight would have been a disaster. Throw shade at the poor Gith woman all you like, but she can single-handedly take down every enemy in this boss fight.

However, this boss battle can be nerfed pretty quickly. If you’re willing to sacrifice the loot, you can push Balthazar off a cliff for an instant victory. While you’ll miss out on some valuable rewards, it’s a swift and unexpected way to deal with this foe. Remember that sometimes, the shortest path to victory isn’t always the most rewarding.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 is a game that rewards creative thinking and role-playing, and these boss encounters prove just that. By leveraging your charisma, insight, and persuasion skills, you can outmaneuver some of the game’s toughest adversaries without ever resorting to combat.