Beginner tips for Evil Genius 2

Some advice to help you get your evil career off to a great start.


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In Evil Genius 2, you need to be strategic about how you play if you want to dominate the world without meeting too much opposition. To help you get started with your nefarious career, we’ve put together these tips for all beginners.

Keep your minion levels at maximum

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The minion screen is an overlay where you can view the number of Workers and specialized minions you have in your lair. It’s also where you can click a button to hire more Workers for your staff. Every time you find yourself with $10,000 going spare, check this screen to see if you can hire more Workers. The more you have, the faster everything will run. Keep this up for the rest of your game, as your lair expands over multiple floors, and you’ll have an extremely efficient workforce.

Schemes are a fantastic source of money

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Once you’ve scouted a few regions around the globe, it’s time to start stealing money from them. The yellow schemes in each region represent a pot of money that you can draw from over time. As long as you don’t need to lose some Heat in a region, get some minions working on stealing this money as soon as possible. This will help you complete optional objectives and generally maintain your vault at a health level of gold. Handy for when you need to drop $30,000 on a new Brainwasher 2000.

Sell everything in your cover operation

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When you start a game, your cover operation will be filled with disused equipment. This has been placed there specifically to be sold. Make sure you sell it straight away to free up as much cash as possible. This will help you build your lair faster and get it to a more established status much faster than normal. There’s no point in waiting to sell the equipment because its value doesn’t increase, and a dusty old room makes for an abysmal cover operation.

Make the best cover operation possible

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Your cover operation is the barrier between enemy agents and soldiers and your lair. The more tourists and attractions you have in your cover operation, the more efficiently it will distract those incoming enemies. As your lair grows, don’t neglect your cover operation. Pack in as many objects as possible and train up enough valets to man them all. Eventually, the cover operation will work so well that no one breaks into your lair.

Research the basics first

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The research menu is so deep that you could get lost looking at all the things you can unlock. However, there’s no point in doing that until you’ve unlocked the basics. With a single Scientist and whiteboard, you can unlock a good chunk of every research tab while you focus on building up your lair in other areas. You may not even use some of the items you unlock for hours yet. Save yourself space and money and get all the easy research out of the way first. Then you can buy some new lab equipment and start looking into world domination.

Make the most of your villain’s abilities

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Each of the villains in Evil Genius 2 has a set of special abilities. All of them can be used from the start of your game, as long as you remember to make the most of them. Don’t neglect these abilities, and you’ll find that you can speed up processes that make a huge difference to your overall experience. For example, use Maximilian to complete any training that you see instantly. This will give you the specialized minions that you need faster. You can also speed up all tasks using his second ability, which will have your minions building rooms and completing tasks far sooner than they would otherwise.

Hire some henchmen as soon as possible

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Henchmen are unlocked by completing side stories. Once a side story is complete, that henchman can be added to your lair’s roster. These characters also have abilities and useful qualities that you shouldn’t ignore. Keep your guard henchmen on patrol around your lair to ensure the capture or death of every invader, and use your deceptive henchman to foil your enemy’s plans before they step foot through the door.

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