How to make agents and soldiers arrive less frequently in Evil Genius 2

Make your lair a little more peaceful.


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As your evil network in Evil Genius 2 grows, you’ll start to attract the attention of agencies worldwide. Those agencies want to know what nefarious schemes you’re cooking up, and they’ll send agents or soldiers in to figure it out. In this guide, we’ll show you how to make these annoying foes turn up to your lair much less frequently.

The Heat is on

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Every new region you scout in Evil Genius 2 has its own Heat monitor. The more schemes you conduct in a single region, the higher your Heat level will rise. This is represented by a red bar that expands in each region on the world map.

When it reaches 100%, a region becomes locked for a short period of time. You can’t access any schemes in the area until the Heat dies down. Unfortunately, the region will also dispatch agents or soldiers to your lair once that Heat hits this critical point.

The higher your Heat level is, the more visits you’ll get from agents and soldiers around the world. Towards the endgame stage, you’ll start to see larger groups of each arrive with a growing level of regularity.

As you’ll no doubt know from playing Evil Genius 2, you need to deal with agents and soldiers before they can cause too much damage to your lair and nefarious schemes. This costs you and your minions time that could be put towards taking over the world.

Lower the Heat

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The best way to lower your Heat level in each region, and therefore the regularity of agent and soldier visits, is to target and complete the right schemes.

Every region has several schemes that you can conduct. The purple ones all relate to lowering your Heat level in a region. The amount of Heat the scheme removes varies depending on how much the region has been upgraded.

Some of these schemes require you send Workers to the region, while others will cost you a lot of cash. Each one is only available for a limited amount of time. If you can see your Heat level rising in a region, take on one of these schemes to avoid an unwanted visit from nosy foreigners.