Best build for Candace in Genshin Impact

Protect and buff your team with Candace.

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Candace is one of the newest 4-star characters in Genshin Impact, released in Version 3.1. This Hydro character empowers your Elemental DMG and Normal Attacks, making her a natural fit with the newest Electro character Cyno.

The damage buffs that Candace provides can be boosted by building Max HP. This makes Candace relatively easy to build, so take advantage of her passive talents by stacking as much Max HP as you can, which will also make Candace a nice tank.

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Best weapons for Candace in Genshin Impact

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Candace’s best weapon will be based on whether you need more Energy Recharge or Max HP. Candace buffs your team with her Elemental Burst, so you need to make sure that you can reliably use her Energy Recharge. With this in mind, you might want a Polearm that provides lots of Energy Recharge, like the Favonius Lance or Prototype Starglitter for a free-to-play option.

If you have enough Energy Recharge through your artifacts and want to further increase Candace’s Max HP, then you can use the Black Tassel. The Black Tassel is currently the only Polearm in the game that increases Max HP. It’s easy to find as a 3-star weapon but will serve characters who want to stack Max HP well.

Best artifacts for Candace in Genshin Impact

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Candace is a Support character, so she has a lot of options for artifacts. Her Elemental Burst DMG is somewhat negligible, so we will want to make sure Candace’s buffing capabilities are the strongest they can be. Her passive Celestial Dome of Sand increases the DMG of your active character for “every 1,000 points of Max HP” Candace has, so try to stack Max HP through your artifacts.

A solid option is the 2-piece Tenacity of the Millelith and 2-piece Emblem of Severed Fate. This provides a balance between providing Max HP and Energy Recharge for Candace. The 4-piece Noblesse Oblige is always a good option that further increases the DMG of your surrounding characters.

Best teams for Candace in Genshin Impact

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Candace increases the Elemental DMG of Normal Attacks. This is somewhat different than Yun Jin, who fulfills a similar role and buffs all Normal Attack DMG. As a result, Candace has a limited amount of characters you can pair her with.

Candace will pair well with Cyno, who has an Elemental Burst that transforms his Normal Attacks into Elemental DMG. You can also use her with Yoimiya who performs similarly with her Elemental Skill.