Best character skins in Call of Duty: Mobile

Look your best in Call of Duty Mobile.

Even though you may be playing through the first-person perspective, you shouldn’t ignore equipping your character in the best-looking skins in Call of Duty Mobile.

There are many different skins that you can choose from, and as was the case with ourĀ list of the best weapons skins, we are drawn to the ones that really pop. It’s not like most of you are going to be trying to play it stealthy anyway, right? So let’s see which skins made our list of the best:


Image via ZillionGamer

The Bioshock fan in us loves this skin purely for the fact that it kind of looks like a Big Daddy, just a little less threatening. But that shouldn’t deter you from using it; it’s still pretty rad.

Dark Shepherd

Image via ZillionGamer

Death literally comes to the battlefield with this skin, and it looks awesome. Who wouldn’t be afraid of seeing this guy, with his huge scythe on his back, running right at them, ready to fire?

Firebreak – Panda

Image via ZillionGamer

We have a very short reason as to why we recommend using this skin: Panda. That is all.


Image via ZillionGamer

We all know clowns are scary, and given that it is October right now, why shouldn’t we get into the spirit and get a little spooky? Look at this skin: it is terrifying and awful in all the right ways. You want to stand out? This is how you do it.

Nomad – The Distraction

Image via ZillionGamer

The King of Rock and Roll, or an imposter of the King, can make an appearance in the game if you use this skin. Or maybe it’s more like Evil Knievel? We can’t decide which one but it doesn’t matter because this skin is great.

Nomad – Garden

Image via ZillionGamer

Bring the holiday season with you and take on the enemy team as Saint Nick himself. Who would have thought that a simple change to a red beanie instead of a red hat would be enough to make Santa actually kind of scary-looking?


Image via ZillionGamer

We think this skin kind of looks like a Predator, or maybe even Bloodhound from Apex Legends. Whichever one you think it looks like, we think it’s awesome and recommend it.

Reaper – Premium

Image via ZillionGamer

The color scheme of this skin reminds us of Buzz Lightyear, which always a good thing. Robots can be so boring to look at but not this one.

Spectre – Pixel Spy

Image via ZillionGamer

The orange isn’t too bright for this skin, and the main draw is the skull logo on the front of the head. It’s simple yet intimidating, as all good soldiers should be.

Witch Doctor

Image via ZillionGamer

This skin isn’t really even close to meshing with the game’s modern settings, but that’s what we love about it. The look of an old witch doctor has always been fascinatingly macabre to use, and now we can bring that look to our favorite mobile shooter.