Best Field Upgrades In MW3 Zombies, Ranked (Our Top Picks)

Field Upgrades can help you get out of tough situations in MW3 Zombies. These are the best you should consider taking on your mission.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Frenzied Guard

Image via Activision

Making sure you’ve got the best gear in your loadout is going to increase your survivability when taking on hordes of enemies in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. That’s when using a Field Upgrade at the right moment can get you out of a hairy situation.

Field Upgrades are brief abilities that you can pop during a match in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. After each use, the Field Upgrade goes on a cooldown and begins recharging as you continue fighting through waves of hostiles. They all have different benefits but some are much better than others, and taking the right one in each match can be the difference between you getting out alive or being zombie food. These are the best Field Upgrades that you can use in MW3 Zombies ranked from worst to best.

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6) Aether Shroud

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Field Upgrades
Image via Activision

The Aether Shroud is the weakest of the Field Upgrades you can take with you in MW3 Zombies. It’s very situational as it makes you invisible to zombies for a limited amount of time. This is handy if you find yourself in a tough position where you need to quickly disengage from a fight – but all you’re really going to get is a bit of distance and find yourself being attacked again soon.

5) Frenzied Guard

Frenzied Guard provides you with a full armor repair and taunts all enemies to target you for 10 seconds. Every time you kill an enemy during this period, you’ll also repair your armor. Although this primarily gives you a bunch of survivability, it only lasts for a short amount of time, and the recharge rate on this Field Upgrade is one of the slowest.

4) Tesla Storm

When the Tesla Storm Field Upgrade is active, lightning connects to other players while stunning and damaging normal enemies. The Tesla Storm works great when you’re in a squad, but if you’re running around solo you’re best off going with any other Field Upgrade. It also has a slow recharge time so you’re not going to be popping this as much as some of the alternate options.

3) Healing Aura

The Healing Aura Field Upgrade is fantastic if you find yourself in a losing battle with your squadmates going down. Healing Aura will completely heal all players around you, and also revive them if they are in a downed state. This is a perfect ability as you start to make your way into the higher-threat zones and take on the harder-hitting enemies.

2) Frost Blast

Frost Blast works as a wonderful defensive ability while initially dealing damage to those in the blast zone. Any enemies that enter the area will be slowed down and be much easier to shoot while they have this status effect applied. Because zombies get much quicker in the higher-threat zones, this Field Upgrade is excellent if you find yourself getting a little overwhelmed.

1) Energy Mine

The Energy Mine Field Upgrade is unlocked by default in MW3 Zombies, so you don’t have to go grinding. It also happens to be one of the best offensive items that you can use when you’re looking to deal a bunch of damage. It works great for a lot of different situations and can recharge relatively quickly. From clearing out a nest, taking down special zombies, or helping you exfil out of the map, the Energy Mine comes in handy as one of the best offensive and defensive tools you can have.