Best Fortnite animal skins (January 2022)

We hunted down some of the best Fortnite animal skins and rounded them up for you.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games are always coming up with cool skins to include in Fortnite. There’s been everything from aliens to celebrity streamers, sports teams, and more. We’ve sifted through all the Fortnite animal-themed skins and picked out our top 10 favorites. Here they are in alphabetical order. Which ones are you missing from your Locker?


Screenshot by Gamepur

Cheep Cheep. This dynamic bird was released in Chapter 2, Season 6. He’s an army-fighting explosive expert, so don’t get in his way. He has two alternative skin styles: the “Eggsplosive” dark skin or “Slurpy” blue, dripping skin. Players were able to obtain Cluck by getting to Tier 61 on the Battle Pass.


Image via Epic Games

Dire was introduced in Chapter 1, Season 6. Players gained the pack leader when they reached Battle Tier 100. There are several variations of the Dire skin available, including Red, Human form, blue, yellow, brown, half-wolf, brown, grey, white, and black. These variations make it one of the most versatile skins, and you’ll be sure to look unique.


Image via FortniteBR

Everyone loves man’s best friend. Doggo came as part of the Grumble Gang set in Chapter 1, Season 9, and was available in the Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks. He was originally released in 2019, and was available again this January in the Item Shop.

Fabio Sparklemane

Screenshot by Gamepur

Okay, we think we can include this as an animal, even though it’s a unicorn. Fictional animals still count, right? Fabio was released in Chapter 2, Season 8. Players could get Fabio as part of Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass at Tier 50. The sparkly unicorn also came with a “Golden Crunch” optional style if you were lucky enough to unlock it. The “Flame-roasted,” blue, purple, and golden rune skins were also available to unlock.


Image via Epic Games

Fur power to the rescue, or not, depending on whose side you’re on. Fennix was released as part of the Fur Force set in Chapter 1, Season X Item Shop for 1,200 V-Bucks. Players last saw this furry friend in the Item Shop around Christmas last year.


Screenshot by Gamepur

This is not to be confused with Pokémon or Digimon. This bad bunny came with the Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass at Tier 30. There are many styles to unlock, including the “Masked” optional style, silver, gold, and prismatic. Choose your favorite bunny lock for whatever occasion you like.


Screenshot by Gamepur

It’s like a mini-version of Meowscles, only cuter and with a robot. This mecha-fighting kitty was introduced in Chapter 2 Season 3. Players could obtain him at Battlepass Tier 60. He has a few unlockable styles, and his skin is reactive. Did someone say rainbows and sparkles flying from the exhaust? Choose the right skin to suit your mood.


Screenshot by Gamepur

We can’t talk about animals without everyone’s favorite kitty cat. Meowscles was introduced in Chapter 2 Season 2, and players unlocked him at Battlepass Tier 60. He was one of the “baddies,” and players could collect his “Shadow” skin to show off their true colors. The Ghost and Gold Agent skins are also unlocked depending on what Battle Pass Tier you achieved.

Polar Patroller

Image via Epic Games

There’s a bear in there and a Brigade as well. Polar Patroller landed with the Bear Brigade set in Chapter 2 Season 1. He was available to purchase in the Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks. There was a matching “Ice Fisher” back bling, and we last saw him in December 2021. Item Shop skins are often re-released, so if you missed out on adding this cuddly companion to your Locker, keep an eye on the Item Shop, as he could return.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the Fortnite Island. Sentinel is a robot, battle-ready, chicken, was released in Chapter 1 Season 9. He was obtained on Battlepass Tier 1. Players who were lucky enough to reach Battle Pass Tier 99 were treated to his alternative “Dark” skin style. This makes it one of the older but more common skins around. If you see this guy running around in the game, you can probably assume its owner has had plenty of time in Fortnite.

Toon Fish

Screenshot by Gamepur

This one gets an honorable mention as number 11 on this list. Why? Because he’s super weird but highly customizable. It was released as part of Chapter 2 Season 8 Battlepass. This fishy skin has that random 2D animation format. Depending on how many paint styles you collected, players can select from one of 36 pre-set skin styles or use the “custom” tab to customize your fishy friend completely. You can be fully unique with Mr. Tooney.

For simplicity, we left out characters that were “human” but wearing animal costumes. For example. the Cuddle Team Leader bear is super cute — but it’s only a person with a bear head.