Best Fortnite Creative Maps for Practicing Sniping

Get them in your cross hairs.


Image via Epic Games

Few things in Fortnite feel as good as dropping someone with a beautiful placed, long-range Sniper shot. It’s always nice to take someone out of the game without giving them a chance to take away some of your shields of health. Practicing sniping can be a worthwhile way to spend your time, and Creative maps offer ample ways to try and hone your skills.

CallmeCypher’s FFA Snipes

This is designed to be played with a group of friends. Jump into the maps complex geometry, offering all kinds of angles and cover, and see if you can pull up a seat for all your buddies.

Code – 2092-4164-5943

LilMidgxt’s Sniper Map

This sniper map is much like the first, but on a slightly smaller scale, and with a large central obstacle made up of jump pads to force lots of pivots and rapid movement.

Code – 5462-3152-9374

AWP Lego Map

The AWP Lego map is a remake of a classic sniper only map from Counter-Strike. It’s a fun throwback and a good way for Fortnite players to explore the history of another game.

Code – 4265-3743-2329

The best way to practice sniping in Fortnite

While Creative maps can be fun, they simply cannot replicate two of the most important elements of sniping, which is how player movement and ping can affect your aim at long distances. Many members of the Fortnite community consider Team Rumble to be the best way to practice your sniping.

Team Rumble places you in a server with plenty of other players, and you can grab a sniper and get to work practicing against people. They will move erratically, and you will need to adjust your shots based on ping and distance, forcing you into a situation that is as close to a real match as you can get because it is one.