The best Fortnite escape room map codes

Find the way out with the best Fortnite Escape Room maps.

Escape rooms have been around for years, dating back to the early days of the internet with those browser-based games we used to love playing. Now, they’re a massively popular experience that bled into all kinds of mediums and genres, including Fortnite.

Thanks to the Creative mode in Fortnite, players have crafted some fantastic puzzle-filled escape rooms. They’re full of finding the right items, using them in the proper way, and trying to get out in the time frame given to you. They are the perfect way to get your escape room fix during a time when you may not be able to go out and do it yourself. So here’s a list of the best escape room map codes you can be playing in Fortnite right now.

100 Rooms

Image via Epic Games


Instead of working to get out of one, big room, you will have to find a way to get out of a series of small rooms — 100 in total. They will present you with all kinds of puzzles and obstacles to overcome.

Agents Escape

Image via Epic Games


Live out your James Bond fantasy with this spy-themed map, where you will travel through various locations such as a museum and a town. All of this travel will help you to find your escape.

Disaster Escape

Image via DropNite


These time trials will really put pressure on your stress levels. It’s a pure gauntlet of disasters to get through: a burning fire, a massive tsunami, a gigantic earthquake, and a volcano. It’s all while trying to find the items you’ll need to get out.

First Person Visual Escape

Image via Epic Games


The challenge of this map really comes from getting your bearings with playing the game in a first-person view. It makes landing your jumps much harder to do, as you have to get used to pulling them off from this view. But there are plenty of puzzles and things to solve along the way as well.


Image via Epic Games


Get a little deep and thoughtful with this escape room map that tells you a story about the mind, all while sending you through a series of puzzles. There are plenty of things to figure out and solve in this map, and it’s all against the backdrop of a trippy, self-reflective experience.

Genius Escape Map

Image via Epic Games


Do you want a real challenge? This map is full of the smallest details that you will need to pay attention to in order to progress and get out. All the while having to deal with the plethora of tricks it will throw at you. There are only three levels, but they are not to be taken lightly.

Haunted Mansion Escape

Image via Epic Games


Perfect for the Halloween season, the Haunted Mansion is full of spooky puzzles and the right atmosphere to bring a little fright to the escape room experience.


Image via DropNite


Live out those slasher nightmares with this escape room. Try to get out of the map while a masked killer comes for you. Having that added layer of someone chasing you makes the stress levels of this map even higher.

Slender-man: The 8 Pages

Image via Epic Games


Taking its inspiration from the game that took over the internet in 2012, The 8 Pages puts you in a foggy forest with the simple task of finding eight pages hidden around the map, all while avoiding the creepy Slender-Man chasing after you.

The Yacht Escape

Image via Epic Game


Taking place on a big yacht, you will have to run around and explore its rooms and levels to find the items that will allow you to unlock different parts and progress. There are many different paths to take as well.