Best Minecraft speed run seeds

Use these seeds to beat Minecraft in under five minutes.

Image via Mojang.

Minecraft speedruns with random seeds can be incredibly frustrating due to their inherent randomness. Thankfully, you can speedrun with seed codes to compete in the set seed speedrun category. This will let you practice a speedrun on a specific seed multiple times. You can do this to climb to the top of the set seed category or use it as consistent practice for your random seed runs. This guide will highlight the best Minecraft speedrun seeds and what each of them offers.

For these speedruns, you will need to be on version 1.16 to have the seeds function correctly. To create a world with a set seed, select More World Options in the world creation menu and type the seed into the box above.

Mansion, lava, and more

A mansion is a fantastic structure for gathering resources, and this seed has one right outside the spawn. And if you need gold, the mansion is conveniently located next to a Mesa Biome. After running this seed a few times, you will quickly realize how a Mesa Biome, a mansion, and surface lava all combine to create a fantastic seed for speedrunning.

Seed: -8767654563534078661

Current world record seed

Hailed by many as the best speedrunning seed in the game currently, this seed spawns you into a massive town directly adjacent to a broken nether portal. Next to the nether portal is a chest full of resources you can use during your speedrun. On top of all of this, the portal will teleport you directly into a fortress, allowing you to collect blaze rods immediately.

Seed: -4530634556500121041

Perfect portal

Although it’s not the flashiest seed, this one spawns you next to an almost complete nether portal. And if you make your way over to coordinates (17,69,-350), you will see some surface lava waiting for you. Creating a portal on top of the surface lava will take you directly into a fortress connected to a Piglin camp.

Seed:  -6592695132100283900

Desert Temple

This Desert Biome seed will spawn you directly next to a desert temple. Inside of the temple lies iron and gold to aid you on your adventure. And if this wasn’t good enough already, there’s also a village nearby that will give you the beds you need to fight the Ender Dragon.

Seed: 1955471898

Village and nether portal

This seed is similar to the world record seed but varies slightly. It spawns you near a trench and a Village. Head over to the village and collect beds and resources from the chests. Then jump into the trench where an almost complete nether portal awaits you.

Seed: 9009759197830545823