The 10 Best Minecraft Seeds

Interesting Bedrock seeds for any player.

Screengrab via Minecraft Bedrock

One of the biggest draws to Minecraft is that every world is both infinite and unique. If you include the world generation options already available and world-building tools like MCEdit and the possibilities are completely limitless. One of the reasons that each world is completely unique is due to seeds. Seeds are values used by the game to generate a world. By default, Minecraft generates a random seed for each world, but you can also enter the seed manually. This lets you play on the worlds other people have found. Please note that seeds do not always generate the same way between versions of the game, and spawn points often differ slightly between players, even when using the same seed. Here are ten great seeds for the Bedrock edition of Minecraft in no particular order. We have included some more basic information about seeds below for anyone interested.

Seed: 812064126

Screengrab via Minecraft Bedrock

This is a good seed for an easy ride. Some of the more valuable items available in the game can be found close to the spawn. The initial is near a huge desert biome interspersed with some savannas. You can find seven relatively large villages, and above ground shipwreck, and five desert temples all within a short distance of the initial spawn. There are also several ravines to mine and a few dungeons that can be easily turned into mob farms. There are around 40 chests that can be looted within the first 30 minutes or so of play on the map, and all of them have good loot inside. This trend of frequent lootable areas continues in the surrounding biomes, but they seem to thin out the further you get from the initial spawn.

Seed: -1296425507

Screengrab via Minecraft Bedrock

This seed spawns you right next to a small village. This map is filled with villages within the first few thousand blocks. Like the previous seed, this one features a bunch of deserts surrounding the initial spawn with a glacial biome to the northeast. Most of the villages, including the desert villages, have blacksmiths buildings that can be looted. Many of the desert villages also have temples with a chance to spawn rare items. If you head south of the spawn is a huge jungle biome that stretches for a few thousand blocks. This map is great if you like building in these biomes or if you want to have a treehouse within walking distance of your pyramid.

Seed: 1135045959

Dawn of War 3
Screengrab via Minecraft Bedrock

This seed was found by a Minecraft developer called Sunken City. She called this seed “Angel Island” because it looks similar to the island that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Right next to the spawn is a large island area that showcases just how interesting the world generation can be in Minecraft. The island is a shattered savanna biome that would make for an interesting, though the precarious, place to build a base. If you head west from Angel Island, you will hit a small spruce forest. Orient yourself towards the southwest when you hit the spruce forest, and you will run into a nice glacier biome with some blue ice. There is also a village to the south of the spawn straddling the plains and a desert biome. Most of the biomes near spawn have odd shattered-esque aspects to them.

Seed: 262834868

Screengrab via Minecraft Bedrock

This seed is great if you enjoy fighting the pillagers added in the Village & Pillage update. It is also great if you don’t spend a lot of time in snowy or icy biomes and want a change of scenery. You start on a small chain of mesa islands near some ice spikes. If you head south and cross the water keeping the icy spike biome to your right, you will enter a huge tundra biome with large spruce forests scattered around it. In this tundra is a pillager outpost with three villages relatively close by. You can build yourself a nice tundra base and challenge yourself to protect the villages from pillagers that you almost certainly didn’t antagonize to get the Bad Omen effect. This is also a nice space to challenge your building skills. Try your hand transforming the villages using the resources available while getting pincushioned by crossbows.

Seed: 992826707

Infinite Warfare Continuum
Screengrab via Minecraft Bedrock

Your initial spawn for this seed will be a large mushroom field biome, the rarest biome in the game. This world is great if you want to try your hand at building a base on a mushroom island. You could create your own Telvanni mushroom tower from Morrowind. The bonus to building your base on this island, Mooshrooms, are the only mobs that can spawn in this biome. You can build to your heart’s content on this rare island without having to worry about a stray creeper putting a hole in your floor. There is also an ocean monument near the biome that can be used as a source of sponges, prismarine, or a possible mob farm if you are inclined.

Seed: 33480944

Screengrab via Minecraft Bedrock

When first starting a world with this seed, you will almost immediately find a really interesting savanna village generated at the base of a small mountain with some waterfalls running down it. One of the houses in the village generates on a plateau with a waterfall behind it. This mid-sized village can generate with a little bit of everything and can make for a good starting base and eventual villager farm. However, as interesting as the village is, it is not the most interesting part of this seed. This seed has numerous biomes within a thousand blocks of spawn. Within the first thousand blocks or so of spawn, you will find plains, birch forest, desert, savanna, swamp, dark oak forest, taiga mountain, and glacier biomes. There is also a pillager tower sitting on a river that runs between the swamp and a birch forest biome and a second acacia village just west of the swamp on a river running between savanna and birch forest. West of the initial spawn village is a small desert village. If all of this seems like a lot, keep in mind that caves and aquatic areas haven’t even been mentioned yet. This seed is very busy, which makes it a lot of fun to explore and build in.

Seed: 2033394339

Screengrab via Minecraft Bedrock

This seed features a very large woodland mansion rather close to spawn. The mansion is a bit of a walk but is well worth it for the loot. Be sure to prepare before you try raiding the mansion as the mobs that spawn inside can be particularly dangerous. You should consider setting up a small throwaway base nearby that you can use until you build up your supplies. You spawn in a hilly mixed forest near a swamp. There should be a mountain close to spawn that you can use to get your bearings. Cross the swamp and head towards the hilly dark oak forest on the far side. This dark oak forest, like the woods you spawn in, blends into several different smaller biomes surrounding it. The mansion will be on a tall hill near the center of the biome. Be careful while in the swamp as it can spawn a witch hut. Woodland mansions can have some great loot inside that make them well worth raiding. They can also make for a great base once the evokers and vindicators have been cleared out.

Mansions can typically spawn with a few utility rooms already built and ready for use by players. Several empty or useless rooms can be converted into whatever you want. This particular mansion is also sitting on top of a cave system you can use for your own mining. It would not take a lot of work to build an entrance to the caves inside the mansion. The swamp nearby can be converted into a witch or slime farm. If you are a builder, want to improve your building skills, or want a new project to work on, you can try your hand at converting the boxy building into something more regal. The biomes around the mansion and the spawn can also be great areas to practice terraforming. There are also two villages and a pillager tower to the north of the mansion across another swamp in plains and a desert biome.

Seed: -1813745601

Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy
Screengrab via Minecraft Bedrock

This seed has a stronghold close to spawn. You will initially spawn on an island in an ocean. If you head south, you will hit a continent with large spruce forest. There are a few villages in the forest, including an abandoned village that you should loot if you come across it. The village you are looking for, though, is just on the edge of the forest in a plains biome. Find the well, remove the water, then hop in and dig straight down. You will pop out inside the stronghold with the end portal nearby. This is about 500 blocks south of spawn. This is a good seed if you want to do a speed run, or if you just want to try transforming that abandoned village.

Seed: 1915631036

Screengrab via Minecraft Bedrock

This seed spawns you right across from a huge badlands biome. If you cross the river and walk a little while, you will also come across a mob spawner just sitting out in the open. Watch your step as you head towards it as there is a ravine nearby. This seed is great if you want to jump right into mining and to set up a mob farm. There is also a dungeon in the ravine if the first mob spawner isn’t the kind you want. The badlands biome is full of tall spires and abandoned mineshafts that you can easily dig out and turn into a simple beginning base. Or you can set your base up in the plains you started in and turn the badlands into your own industrial district.

Seed: 141280768

Detached VR Space Game
Screengrab via Minecraft Bedrock

This seed puts you on the edge of some badlands with savanna with an acacia village right in front of you. The village is a good place for a starter base. If you head south a little way, you will hit a desert. Keep heading south, and after a fair bit of walking, you will come across a large ravine. Right across the ravine is a partially buried desert temple that should be carefully looted for the chance of getting some rare loot, particularly emeralds that can be used back in the village. The ravine has a great prize inside. The bottom is filled with lava. There are several waterfalls along the walls that drop down into the lava, giving you a ton of obsidian right off the bat. There are also a few diamond and redstone veins near the bottom of the falls. A really interesting and useful part of the ravine though is the exposed mineshaft. You will find it about halfway down the wall giving you access to a large cave system and the usual loot you find in mineshafts. You can easily convert the temple into a makeshift base while you mine and explore. The early obsidian and diamonds will make it very easy for you to jump right into the nether.

More about seeds

If you find a world you like, you can look up the seed in the world’s menu in Bedrock or by using the /seed command in Java. A seed is a unique series of numbers that are used by the game to generate new worlds. Generally, if you start a new world and don’t change any settings, the game will use an algorithm to create a random seed to generate the new world. You can also set the seed manually by typing it into the text box in the world options menu when creating a new world. If you decide to enter text instead of a set of random numbers, like the famous ‘Gargamel’ seed from the 1.3 beta, the game will convert it into a value it can use. If you land on a world, you like you can copy the seed to share with others. You can also enter seeds you find floating around the internet to use for your own world builds.

Seeds in the Java edition of Minecraft can range in value from – 4294967295 to 4294967295. Seeds in Bedrock can range in value from -2147483647 to 2147483647. This means that every positive seed in Bedrock can be used in Java, but not every Java seed is usable in Bedrock. Negative Bedrock seeds can be used in Java too, but they need to be converted to a positive value. To do this, you have to add 4294967296 to the negative Bedrock seed to get the Java equivalent. So a Bedrock seed like -1296425507 would be 2998541789 in Java. If you are bad at math, Google and the Calculator app are your friends.

While many seeds can be interchangeable between the Bedrock and Java versions of the game, that doesn’t mean they will generate in the same way. With each update to Minecraft, the way the game generates worlds changes. Sometimes these changes are small with some minor bug fixes, but with major updates like the Aquatic update or the Village & Pillage update, world generation changes drastically. If you are using a seed you find on a forum post from 2013, don’ t be surprised if it doesn’t look the same in the latest update. There are also slight changes in how structures and other objects generate between the Bedrock and Java editions of the game. While the world and its biomes should generate almost identically between the two editions, villages, pillager outposts, and other structures will probably be different.