Best Season 1 Battle Pass rewards and how to get them in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0

Find the best available rewards in the first season Battle Pass.

Image via Activision

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The Battle Pass system is active in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 a week after its official launch, and with it comes a host of unique weapon platforms, characters, and customization options that players can unlock. It’s daunting at first: rather than offering a linear progression as most battle passes tend to, Modern Warfare 2 instead provides a branching path that players can take to ensure they’re getting the rewards that appeal to them. Here are the best Battle Pass rewards to grab in the first season of Modern Warfare 2.

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A5 — Hostile Takeover

Screenshot by Gamepur

There is a constant balancing act between power, function, and ADS speed. The Hostile Takeover, a modified EBR-14 weapon platform, offers a fantastic balance between all three with a hybrid sight and an extremely damaging projectile. The Gun Screen, which tracks K/D, is also a free claim, meaning it won’t take a token from your Battle Pass progression. The snub-nosed revolver Ignition is a bit unwieldy in practice but is sufficient for close-ranged work — players will likely maintain their favored sidearms, however.

A8 — Espionage and Jack Of All

Screenshot by Gamepur

A variation of the Lachmann SMG, the Espionage is a close-ranged weapon platform that excels in short-ranged engagements with both strong stability and recoil control. A fast ADS and swift reload, compliments of the SMG platform, make this a reliable variation that operates well in multiple environments. The secondary weapon, Jack Of All, is a dependable handgun based on the P890 platform, which can perform out to medium-ranged engagements with comfort. With an embossed custom grip and indulgent color scheme, this weapon has quickly become a favored sidearm from the Season 1 Battle Pass.

A10 — Hacksaw and Low Drag

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Fennec 45 has been favored in Call of Duty: Modern Warzone 2 for its ability to send a slew of bullets downrange before most other players can lift their weapon to ADS. The Hacksaw takes this weapon and attempts to turn it into a sniper rifle. In practice, it doesn’t work too well for our tastes: the damage output is too low to favor it over dedicated long-range platforms such as the EBR-14, and the controlled pair firing is too inaccurate to reliable double damage output at ranges beyond 50 meters. For the sheer absurdity of it, however, it’s still a blast to take out and pull some kills with. There is also a free truck skin, and the Low Drag operator is one of our favorites from this Battle Pass. Low Drag is a custom skin for the SpecGru group operator, Reyes.

A13 — Body Count and .50 Cal Charm

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Body Count is a modified MCPR-300 weapon platform with a similar color scheme to Jack Of All from A8, making this an ideal pairing for those looking for some additional style points while in-sector. This sniper rifle offers an acceptable ADS speed while excelling at being able to send secondary rounds downrange following the first engagement. Ideal for wiping squads of snipers camping roofs or rapidly clearing a point at range, the Body Count should not be underestimated by users or opponents alike. The .50 Cal charm found in A13 is also a cute accessory, thanks to it being far smaller than an actual .50 Cal round.