BitLife: How to Complete The Change of Heart Challenge

Your character will need to change their ways for BitLife’s Change of Heart challenge, and this guide shows you how to complete it.

Image via BitLife

The next challenge for BitLife has arrived for the weekend. Like many of the challenges in the mobile game, there are a series of tasks you will need to finish with a specific character. You have a short amount of time to finish it or complete it by opening the Challenge vault.

The Change of Heart challenge will be unique compared to the other challenges in BitLife. Here’s everything you need to know about how to complete the Change of Heart Challenge while playing BitLife.

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Every Task for Completing the Change of Heart Challenge in BitLife

The Change of Heart Challenge was pushed to BitLife, announced by the BitLife Twitter account. There are no hints provided in the BitLife Twitter account, but you might see some players posting how well they did to complete the challenge and their ranking.

These are all of the tasks you need to work on for the Change of Heart Challenge in BitLife, and how to complete those tasks. Again, you need to finish them on a single character.

  • Pirate 5+porches before age 16
  • Escape from Prison
  • Become an Exorcist after escaping Prison
  • Donate blood after escaping Prison
  • Adopt a Child after escaping Prison

There are five tasks for the Change of Heart Challenge, and three of them are only available after you escape Prison, which is one of the more difficult challenges in the game. Before you do that, you will need to work on stealing items from NPCs’ porches, which you can do in the Crime menu, and choosing to perform the Porch Pirate activity. Make sure to do this before reaching age 16, and this is one of the easier tasks.

After you’ve done this at least five times, the next step is to attempt to get thrown in jail. I recommend going with a small crime to receive a lighter sentence, which means choosing to do Burglary, Grand Theft Auto, Pickpocketing, to Shoplift. These are the lighter crimes you can do in BitLife. When you head into jail, immediately choose to escape it, which is one of the most difficult tasks in the game. You will need to complete the mini-game to outmaneuver the guard, and then reach the other side.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The important thing to note when attempting to escape from Jail is that the guard will always move toward your character. The guards can make two movements, and your character can make one, so your goal should be to lure the guard into a closed-off corner and prevent them from following you and escaping towards the exit.

When you’re out of jail, the next tasks are going to be Becoming an Exorcist, Donating Blood, and Adopting a Child. Becoming an Exorcist is a profession, so you will need to look for it in the Occupation menu, and the only way to get that is by waiting for the chance for the job to appear. For those who want to Donate Blood, you can do this by going to the Doctor menu and choosing the Donate Blood option.

Finally, the last thing to do is attempt to Adopt a Child. You can find this under the Adoption menu, and other will be several children that are up for adoption that you can pick from. You will need to prove to the adoption agency that you can handle a child, so having a stable job, home, and income will be required.

After completing the Change of Heart Challenge in BitLife, you’ll get to pick one of four boxes to receive an appearance item for your BitLife account.