How to become a famous singer in BitLife

Let your voice be heard.

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Following the music update in BitLife, your character can now become a famous singer with enough practice. The process works the same as becoming a famous musician. However, instead of focusing on instruments, you will need to focus on taking vocal lessons and developing your singing talents. In this guide, we will cover how to become a famous singer in BitLife.

How to increase your voice skill

You need to increase your voice skill to become a famous singer. You can do this by visiting the Activities tab and going to the Mind & Body options. At the bottom, there will be a choice for your character to take voice lessons. Although you can begin taking instrument lessons when your character is six years old, you will have to wait until your character has reached eight years old.

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You want to take these every year whenever you have the chance, and you can see your character’s voice talent increasing. We were able to see results following three lessons within a year. Your goal should be to master, or nearly master, the voice skill before your character reaches 18 years old. When they’re 18, they will have to start paying for the lessons themselves.

How to become a famous singer

Once your character becomes 18, they have the option to go to the Special Careers under the Occupation tab to try and become a musician. You want your character to become a solo artist and sign with a record label. Alternatively, they could try to become a singer in a band, but they probably won’t make as much money.

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When the record label chooses to sign you, your character will have become a professional singer. To become a famous singer, you’ll need to work to create albums, increase your popularity, practice your skills, work on singles, tour, and attend concerts.

You’ll want to make sure you pay attention to what type of genre your record label wants to sign you as before accepting it. Some of them are better than others, such as pop and rap, having some of the most lucrative careers in BitLife.

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