How to become a famous singer in BitLife

Let your voice be heard.

Image via Candywriter

Following a new music update in BitLife, you now have the option to become a famous singer. The process works the same as becoming a famous musician. Instead of focusing on instruments and leveling those skills, you have to take vocal lessons and develop your singing talents. The singing talent is in a separate menu from the instrument options, so it might be a little difficult to narrow down and find.

How to increase your voice skill

To become a famous singer, you need to increase your voice skill. You can do this by going to the activities tab and then going to the Mind & Body options. From there, when you scroll all the way to the bottom, there will be a choice for you to take vocal lessons and improve your voice. Much like the various instruments you can learn, you need to take lessons as often as possible to improve your vocal talents. You can start taking them as young as six years old, but your parents have to agree to take you to them. If they do, these lessons will be free, so take them as often as possible to increase the skill rapidly. Once you become 18, the lessons become $500 each time you take them.

How to become a famous singer

The process of becoming a famous singer is the same process you’ll go through to achieve any amount of fame as a musician. When you reach a high enough skill level with your voice, go to the occupation tab, scroll down to the special careers tab, and choose the professional musician option. From there, you can pick to sign up with a band or become a solo artist. When you audition for a band, you won’t choose the genre you want to sing. The band will offer you the option to join or ask for a repeat audition.

If you go down the solo artist route, you’ll have to pick between three record labels to sign up with. The record companies reach out to you if they want to sign a deal with you, or they don’t call back, and you have to try again.

You need to increase your voice skill as much as possible. Most bands and record labels won’t give you the option to apply to them if you don’t have at least 90% of it full, so it’s important to have a part-time career while you practice.