BitLife: How to Complete the Deliverance Challenge

Prepare to track down the best trailers to rent out to tenants in BitLife.

There are multiple challenges for you to work through as you play BitLife. These challenges are available for a limited time unless you have the Superstar Mode. One of these challenges is called Deliverance.

The Deliverance Challenge will be one where you’ll need the Landlord expansion, and you’ll be renting out these trailers to multiple clients. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete the Deliverance Challenge in BitLife.

All Deliverance Challenge steps in BitLife

There are multiple steps you’re going to need to complete this challenge. You will need to finish this with a single life.

  • Be born a male in Louisiana
  • Master the Banjo
  • Own and upgrade 10 Trailers
  • Have tenants in five trailers
  • Rent out a trailer featuring a gun rack

How to be born in Louisana

The more difficult task to complete these challenges is to make sure your character is born in Louisiana. The best way to do this is to make sure they start in the United States, and then you need to pick a city from Louisiana. Typically, there are only one or two for every state. For Louisana, you can choose New Orleans.

How to master the Banjo

The next step is to make sure you have your character mastering the Banjo. This can happen at an early age when you’ll have your parents pay for the instrument lessons. The younger you do this, the faster it is to increase your character’s musical skills.’

How to own and upgrade 10 trailers, rent them out, and get one with a gunrack

The last three tasks are all associated with each other. You must purchase and upgrade at least 10 trailers, which you can do with the Landlord expansion. You then need to rent out at least five of these trailers. When upgrading the trailers, make sure one of the upgrades is a gun rack.

Once you’ve completed these tasks, the Deliverance Challenge will be over. You can now pick an appearance item for your BitLife profile and wear it on your character.