Blox Fruits Chop Fruit guide – is it good, how to obtain, and moveset

Is this common fruit worth your time and resources?

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Blox Fruits has a vast array of fruits available for players. One of these fruits is the Chop Fruit, which provides players with immunity to sword attacks. While this may sound like an advantageous ability, is the Chop Fruit worth using in Blox Fruits? This guide takes a closer look at the Chop Fruit, covering its moveset, how to obtain it, and whether or not it is a good choice for you to use in Blox Fruits.

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Is Chop Fruit good in Blox Fruits?

In Blox Fruits, Chop Fruit can be a valuable option for players who want immunity against sword attacks. It’s an elemental fruit that prevents harm from all swords, including attacks from players and NPCs, as long as the user is 105% – 106% of the NPC’s level. This ability can be an advantage in PvP battles against sword mains, making it a decent fruit.

Chop Fruit is also cheap and decent as an early elemental placeholder, and it can be good for grinding NPCs that use swords. Its Dance (X) and Party (C) move cause stun, making it useful for combos, and they deal decent damage. Additionally, it’s a good fruit for gun or sword mains.

However, Chop Fruit does have some drawbacks. It has a bad range, and its Tackle (Z) move deals low damage. It also doesn’t provide immunity against other elemental fruits, and bosses can still damage Chop users. Moreover, Chop Fruit is not a great fruit compared to others, and its value is low when trading. So, players should weigh the pros and cons of using Chop Fruit in Blox Fruits and consider their play style and goals before using it.

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How to get Chop Fruit Blox Fruits

To obtain the Chop Fruit in Blox Fruits, you can purchase it for 30,000 Beli or 100 Robux from the Blox Fruit Dealer. This fruit has a 35% chance of being in stock and a 15% chance of spawning in-game, making it relatively accessible. However, you should remember that the Chop Fruit is a common fruit and may not provide significant advantages compared to other, more rare fruits in the game.

Chop Fruit moveset

Here are all the moves and their required mastery for Chop Fruit in Blox Fruits. 

  • Tackle (Z): 1 Mastery
  • Dance (X): 20 Mastery
  • Party (C): 50 Mastery
  • Helicopter (F): 80 Mastery