Blox Fruits Light Fruit guide – is it good, how to obtain, and awakening

Unleash the Power of Light!

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Among the various features of Blox Fruits are the Devil Fruits, which grant special powers and abilities to the players who use them. One of these Devil Fruits is the Light Fruit, which is often considered to be one of the best fruits in the game due to its versatile abilities. In this guide, we’ll discuss whether the Light Fruit is worth using, how to obtain it, and how to awaken it. 

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Is Light Fruit good?

Light Fruit is a popular choice for players in Blox Fruits thanks to its versatility and effectiveness in grinding and PvP battles. As an Elemental fruit, it boasts several strengths, including powerful area-of-effect moves, decent damage, and fast flight ability. Its signature move, Light Blade, is one of the most effective grinding tools in the game, making it an excellent choice for players looking to level up quickly. Additionally, its Light Spear move scales with Fruit stats, making it a good option for Fruit mains.

However, Light Fruit does have its drawbacks. Its moves require precise aim and hitting airborne opponents can be difficult. Additionally, its Light Flight ability can slow down as your health decreases, making it less effective. While it’s a solid choice for grinding and PvP, it may not be the best choice for players looking to take down specific targets, as its Light Speed Destroyer V2 move only damages a single opponent.

Overall, Light Fruit is an excellent choice for players looking for a well-rounded fruit with strong grinding and PvP capabilities, as long as they are willing to put in the effort to master its unique moveset.

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How to get Light Fruit

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To get Light Fruit, you can purchase it from the Blox Fruits Dealer for 650,000 Beli (or 1,100 Robux) with a 20% chance of being in each stock. Alternatively, you have a chance to get it from Zioles/Blox Fruit Gacha or find it under trees, with a 13% chance of spawning every hour. 

How to awaken Light Fruit and its cost

To awaken the Light Fruit in Blox Fruits, you need to find the Mysterious Scientist in the second or third sea and select the Light Raid. After completing the Raid, you can choose which moves you want to awaken by spending Fragments. Below is the cost for each move. 

  • Divine Arrow (Z) – Fragment cost: 500
  • Hand of the Emperor (X) – Fragment cost: 3,000
  • Light Speed Destroyer (C) – Fragment cost: 4,000
  • Wrath of God (V) – Fragment cost: 5,000
  • Shining Flight (F) – Fragment cost: 2,000