Borderlands 3: All SHiFT Codes

Everyone loves loot. When your loot becomes obsolete as fast as it does Borderlands 3, you’ll like even more loot. And it’s free!

Borderlands 3, like previous games, allows players to redeem SHiFT codes for keys. These keys open a chest in Sanctuary, revealing free loot. The loot in question varies when opening the golden chest, but you can get shields, guns, character mods, artifacts, etc. If you equip it to your character, you can find it in the golden crate. Here you’ll find a list of all SHiFT codes for Borderlands 3 and how to enter them.

How to redeem codes:

First, entering them in the game is relatively simple. Go to the social option in the menu. From there, you should see five tabs on the upper left. Select the one that looks like an S, and it will be the third one in. At this point, you’ll have a new screen that shows your SHiFT account name and an area to enter SHiFT codes. If you do not see your account name, log in.

To enter the codes, copy the entire code, and paste it into the first box. It will auto-fill into the others.

This method is for PC players, but it should work roughly the same way for console players. A small warning, while the VIP area of Gearbox allows players to input codes on the website, but some Reddit users report that the codes will read-only for Xbox unless entered in the game.

You will find your keys in your mailbox. Click the mail to add them to your account.

List of SHiFT codes:

Reddit users have a list of available SHiFT codes. I double-checked to make sure they are valid, not because I wanted the keys, no, but rather to make sure you get the keys.








CHKB3-FJT9J-SK3K5-T33JJ-95J56 (Expires Sept 24)

Make sure you claim them from your mailbox. Now use your keys to open the box in Sanctuary. Remember that your gear gets old fast and no matter how much you love a gun, you’ll need to replace it very soon, so don’t use them all at once.