How to get the backpack plan in Fallout 76

Build yourself a better backpack.

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The backpack is one of the most useful tools for venturing into the wastelands of Fallout 76. This tool increases your carry capacity to help you hold more items as you trek across Appalachia. We don’t need to go into details about why a higher carrying capacity is worth the time investment. In case you are struggling to carry all the items in your inventory, you best learn how to craft yourself a backpack.

Demonstrating scout values

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You can obtain a free backpack by completing the quest for the Pioneer Scouts. You can activate this questline by going to any of the train stations and interacting with the flier. You can also activate it by going to the Pioneer Scout Camp to the north of Grafton Dam. This questline will take you a fair amount of time to complete and requires you to demonstrate the core values of being a scout. Along with receiving a free backpack, this questline also gives you the plans for the small backpack.

Small backpack plans

The small backpack has the same characteristics as the normal backpack but it carries half the weight. Instead of having a base carry weight of 10, it is only five. The highest carry weight that you can increase the small backpack to without mods is 30 while the normal backpack can be upgraded to have a carry weight of 60. You can get the small backpack plans from the Overseer’s Cache in Morgantown Airport. Crafting the base version of this item requires one cloth, one steel, and one leather.

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How to mod a backpack

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To mod backpacks, you will need plans. Plans for backpack mods can be purchased from the Pioneer Scouts using Scout Badges. You can also purchase mods from the Gold Bullion vendors in The Crater and Foundation provided you have a high enough reputation with the factions. The final way to get backpack mods is through in-game events, although that can be a bit few and far between. Keep in mind that backpacks purchased from the Atomic Shop are skins and not actual backpacks.