Can you catch a shiny Galarian Articuno in Pokémon Go?

Are your chances pretty good?

Image via Niantic

The Galarian Articuno has appeared in Pokémon Go. You have a small chance to encounter it while using the Daily Adventure Incense, an item you can use once daily while playing Pokémon Go. While you have it on your character, there’s a good chance Pokémon will come to your location, such as Galarian Articuno. Is there a chance you can catch a shiny Galarian Articuno in Pokémon Go?

Is there a shiny version of Galarian Articuno?

At this time, we are going to say no. It’s extremely unlikely there is a shiny form of Galarian Articuno in Pokémon Go. The shiny form is unavailable during the first event when developers Niantic release a Pokémon or a legendary for the first time. It typically happens with the second event as a way to give players a second chance to find the Pokémon. The shiny version is a bonus for players who already captured the Pokémon in the previous event.

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Because the Galarian forms of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres are a surprise for many players, we’re not expecting to see any shiny versions of these Pokémon. When Niantic announced the Daily Adventure Incense, they shared no mention of these legendary Pokémon appearing, which means the shiny versions will likely appear in future events for players. Anyone encountering these legendary Galarian Pokémon has an extremely low chance of catching them. All three of these legendary Pokémon have a high probability of escaping.

The arrival of these shiny Pokémon will likely center around a future event unveiled by Niantic. At this time, no player has encountered a shiny version of these Pokémon in the wild.