Can you dodge in Harvestella?

It sure is tough without dodges.

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Harvestella is a unique RPG that offers much for players to do. The game can sometimes get complicated, especially with some of its mechanics that are unlike most RPGs. Dodging is one of those things, and it’s confusing whether you can dodge or not. This Harvestella guide will tell you everything you need to know about dodging and how to use the game’s mechanics efficiently.

Harvestella: Can you dodge?

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Yes, and no. Initially, there is no way to dodge in Harvestella, but as you progress, you can unlock it. During the tutorial, the game teaches you how to avoid attacks by pressing Shift and Movement Key to do a dash, but there is no specific movement; instead, the character sprints normally. However, as mentioned, there is a way to unlock dodge in Harvestella.

How to unlock Dodge in Harvestella

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To do that, go to the pause menu by pressing the Esc key and head to the Job section by pressing E four times. From this menu, open the Fighter portion and move your cursor to the second skill on the left called Step. You need to spend 150 JP (job points) to unlock Step. Once you unlock the skill, you will perform a quick step like a dodge whenever you try to dash.

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How to dash efficiently in Harvestella

If you don’t have the Step ability, it’s important to learn how to dash properly; otherwise, you might easily die. Whenever you dash, try to run and get behind the enemy; that way they will need time to adjust to your position, allowing you to deal a good amount of damage. Also, never stand between two enemies, as your back will be wide open to attack. If you can master these two simple things, you will be unbeatable during the start of Harvestella.