Can you find bees in Grounded?

Buzz off.


There are a variety of different insects floating around Grounded, plenty of them are on the earth floor, attempting to hunt you down if you get too close. You have plenty to fear from the terrifying spiders or the stink bugs, and the ants are sometimes okay. But with all of the flowers around, are there any bees for you to locate? The game features rotted bee armor, but does that mean the insect is in the game, and how do you get it? Unfortunately, we’re not too sure about the answer, but right now, with the game being in early access, we’re leaning towards a no.

Some Grounded Reddit players have shared how they were able to find bees at the northern portion of the map. It’s across the pond from the oak tree where you can find a handful of large flowers, and it’s an excellent spot for obtaining plenty of weed stems and gathering up nectar. The Reddit comments suggest having nectar in your inventory and waiting for the bees to show up. Unfortunately, having spent two consecutive in-game days there, none of the bees showed up. The same happened at the rose bushes to the east of the oak tree, and the other flowers in Grounded. 

With no apparent trace of the bees in the game, it’s unlikely these insects have been added to the game. It shouldn’t be too far off given the recent positive reception Grounded has received, but we’ll be waiting for more definitive details from developer Obsidian. We’ll be updating this guide in the future when we learn more about when they will be available in the game and how to find them.