Where to find nectar in Grounded

The sweet nectar of life.

Nectar is a prized resource notably found nearby flowers and rose bushes in Grounded. It’s a good item to have in your bag, especially if you need to drink something. You won’t be able to use it in any crafting recipes as of right now, but you might be able to find a use for it in any of the smoothies you have to make at camp at your smoothie station. It’s also a favorite meal for bees.

Where is nectar

You want to check beneath flowers on the ground. There are several flowers near the base of the oak tree near the small pond to the north of the main map. However, there are not too many deposits of nectar resting underneath these plants. Some of the best locations to find this item is across the pond, to the north. It’s a long swim to make, but it is worthwhile for players who want to store plenty of nectar in their inventory and for those looking to acquire additional flower petals.

Look for the nectar at the base of the flowers to find it. You can freely pick it up and add it to your inventory, giving you access to it whenever you need it. Nectar replenishes your thirst and hunger.