Can you get married in Cult of the Lamb? Answered

Grow closer to your followers through the bonds of matrimony.

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Cult of the Lamb is a rogue-like whose dungeon-crawling mechanics become easier as you develop your cult. Making progress in this cult revolves around growing your followers closer to you, be it through developing a relationship to increase their personal faith in you or expanding the doctrines of your cult to allow for more devout worship. Both of these methods have the potential to meet in the most devout form of relationship possible — marriage.

Marrying followers in Cult of the Lamb

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It is possible to marry your most devout cultists, but doing so requires that substantial progress be made through your perk trees. In order to gain the ability to marry, you must first unlock the Wedding ritual, which can be found under the Law and Order Doctrine. Doing so requires two finished Commandment Stones, which can be assembled from the fragments gained from completing follower quests and leveling followers up.

The Wedding ritual itself takes place in your camp’s temple, costing 75 bones from slain enemies to conduct. A wedding will raise the faith of your cult by 30, quelling dissent from all followers including the spouse. Additionally, your spouse can give you a kiss that applies an additional blessing once per day.

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In the event that your new marriage loses its luster after the honeymoon, you can also sacrifice your spouse, applying higher buffs than sacrificing a standard follower would. Alternatively, you can marry multiple followers to take advantage of as many daily blessings as possible. Note that both of these actions can cause instability within your cult, as your spouses grow jealous of one another and followers grow wary of your mariticidal tendencies.