How to command followers in Cult of the Lamb

Your wish is their command.

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In Cult of the Lamb, your ultimate goal is to make a cult that’s powerful enough to free an ancient deity known as The One Who Waits. The first thing you need to start your cult (other than being ordained by an ancient god) is a flock of followers, which you’ll start amassing by the end of the game’s tutorial. What good are those followers though if you can’t make them do whatever you want? For this, you’ll need to command them; here’s how to do so in Cult of the Lamb.

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How to command followers

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To command one of your followers, the first thing you need to do is initiate a conversation with them. You can do this by simply walking over to them and selecting them, as shown above. From here, you’ll have a few options, shown below (although you’ll get more options, like mind-reading, as you progress in the game). The option you want to select here is called “work,” and it’s indicated by the icon of a person in a hard hat. Selecting this option will open up another list of options for what specific action you’d like your follower to perform, like gathering wood, stone, or berries.

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Some actions won’t be available as commands at first, and you’ll have to unlock them by progressing further in the game. There are also follower actions that are only accessible through different options in the conversation menu. Making a follower eat or sleep, for instance, is something you access under the “interact” option, and is considered a “demand” instead of a “command.”

If you have lots of work you need to be done and you’re looking for more followers to help out, you can convert more followers by going on crusades. During these, you just need to move to locations that have the followers icon on them, as shown above. Then, defeat all enemies in the room to send the follower back to your base.