Can you still get the Infinite Prismatic emblem in Destiny 2?

Happy Pride!

Image via Bungie

If there’s one thing the Destiny 2 community loves to do, it’s customizing their weapons and armor. Emblems are a big part of that, coating Guardian gear in great colors, patterns, and other designs. It’s even better when getting those cosmetics can go towards a good cause. That is the case with the Infinite Prismatic emblem, which has all of its sales going towards the National Center for Transgender Equality. With this in mind, can you still get the Infinite Prismatic emblem in Destiny 2?

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Is the Infinite Prismatic emblem still available in Destiny 2?

Yes, you can still get the Infinite Prismatic emblem in Destiny 2 as of this writing. However, it can not be obtained through in-game means. To get it, you will need to go to the Bungie Store and purchase the Bungie’s Pride Collectible Pin 2.0. This is a pin of the same emblem that you are looking to outfit your Guardian with, so you will have a real-world product for yourself alongside the in-game item.

The pin itself is $15, which is pretty steep for a pin, but when it was originally announced, Bungie was using all profits from the sales for the pin towards a donation to the National Center for Transgender Equality. However, while the store page is still available and will send you the pin and email you a code for the in-game items, the profits are no longer going toward charity, as the store page says that was only happening in November 2022. With this in mind, you should consider if you want to spend that money for Bungie to pocket it all.

Alongside the Infinite Prismatic emblem, you will also get codes for two more in-game emblems: Luminary Kaleidoscope and Side by Side. That may help you with your decision on the purchase, but the lack of money going to charity may turn some people off.