Secure Sahelanthropus And Seth Boss Fight – Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough Chapter 19 & 20


In the previous Chapter 18, after investigating Sahelanthropus, AI Virgil tells the Captain to extract the weapon and bring to the base. In Chapter 19 you will be heading to the same location once again and secure the weapon. It will be a long battle so you have to prepare before. Next, after getting the Sahelanthropus at the base, you will have to fight with the first Boss Seth of this game.

Seth Boss Fight Walkthrough

Place and activate wormhole digger in order to transport Sahelanthropus

Seth Boss Fight Walkthrough

There is a nearby Wormhole Transporter if you had activated the same you can quickly reach that place. If not then once again you have to travel a long place. So best to activate it first, and later place the digger near to the weapon. Set up fences around the digger. Because once you activate it a lot of enemies will be drawn towards it. So at the base fill up your inventories. You will need a lot of defensive units.

Defend wormhole digger unit transport is completed:

Seth Boss Fight Walkthrough

Try adding some fences around the digger to slow down the enemies once they attack. You can cover it nicely and you will have to defend it for really long time. That is 15:29 minutes. The digger is kept in between the mountains near the base, you can also place the fences to block the passage. Look at the minimap for enemies location. You can plan your attacks. Either you stay back or you reach near the red circles to kill the Wanderer’s. If you plan to stay back you will have to face them in groups. You will have to defend the digger till the clock is ticking. It depends on how well you can use the weapons that will tell you to kill more than one enemies. Using the Bomber against them is the best option. Use fire arrows on Bomber once you see a lot of Wanderer’s around, it will kill them in one blast. As the time reaches around 10:00 you will have to face the Trackers also.

More and more enemies will try to appear in the group. Some will jump from the mountains around. Try replacing your fallen fences. Using fire against a horde of enemies is an ideal way to kill more than one. As usual, they will get accumulated between the rocks that the time you can attack with fire arrows and kill more than one. On the right end of Digger near the wooden structure, you can find a Mortar that also you can use in killing more than one enemies. It is best to destroy those who are shooting you. After a long fight, there will be cutscene that will show the weapon being extracted to the base. This completes the chapter. Return to the base.

Return to Base Camp – Chapter 20

On the base, you will find Seth has kept Chris captive, and you have to save him. During the last conversation, you will learn Seth is the real enemy. After this, you will be able to transport between base camps. You will find this option in Wormhole Transporter. You can find some zebra’s near FOB, so you can feed yourself before you plan to transport. Before you go it is necessary to fill up ammo for a pistol. It will help you a lot ahead, also repair your weapons and get all the supplies needed. Get as many explosive items possible in your inventory. In the cutscene, you will see Seth controlling the AI and later taking the Captain. After Reeve escapes with Chris, you will have to fight with Seth.

Defeat Wanderer Seth – Boss Fight:

Seth Boss Fight Walkthrough

Seth turns into a powerful big monster, and dealing with him is not easy. He is pretty fast and his attacks can kill in few blows, he can also jump high and shoot you from hand. So maintaining distance and dodging Seth’s attacks is necessary. You can spot him when jumps, take benefit from the fences and debris around. And as he jumps dodge his attacks. There are fences, wooden barricades around, use them to guard yourself against his attacks. Throw some explosives if he standing somewhere, you can cause a good amount of damage. You will have a small window before he starts shooting.

Seth Boss Fight Walkthrough

Keep moving, mobility is the key to stay alive. Slowly a lot of things will be destroyed around the base. You will have to keep running around, once your explosives are out you can try out firebombs. He can also dodge your attacks. Headshots are the best one to get high damage, but it is not easy. After constantly moving and dodging its attack you will be able to kill Seth.

Death of Seth completes this chapter. You can read our Walkthrough on the next Chapter 21 or you can also read our Metal Gear Survive Wiki guide for more info on the game.