Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah healing guide – How to heal, wraps, aloe extract locations

Patching you up

Conan Exiles’ latest update introduces the Isle of Siptah, where players can explore, craft, and try to survive to their heart’s content. One of the new changes that came with the Isle of Siptah patch is a new healing mechanic. Now, health bars can only fill by using dedicated healing items. Wraps and Aloe Potions are going to be your greatest ally in the Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah. Here’s how to find or craft the new healing items.

How to make and use Wraps

Wraps are a reliable method for healing your character. They are simple enough to make and come in several tiers. 

The first bandage you can make is the Rough Wrap, which is available immediately. All you need to craft these are 10 Aloe Leaves and five Plant Fibres. 

Healing Wraps become available at level 25 but require six skill points to unlock. Combining five Leather and 10 Aloe Leaves is enough to produce three Healing Wraps. 

The next wrap is the Numbing Wrap, which is available at level 45 and requires the previous tier and 10 free skill points. You need to combine 10 Thick Leather, 20 Aloe Leaves, and 20 Honey and create three Numbing Wraps. 

Finally, the Stutter Wrap unlocks at level 58 and requires Numbing Wraps and 12 free skill points available to unlock. Crafting Stutter Wraps requires 10 Silk, 30 Aloe Leaves, and 10 Alchemical Base.

Wraps are a channelled heal, so you must be careful with using them in combat. If a bleed is on your character or you get attacked when using a wrap, it will no longer heal you. The much safer option is an Aloe potion, as they can heal you even through combat.

How to craft Aloe Extract potions

Aloe is your first real source of better healing. The Firebowl Cauldron unlocks at level 15 and provides the ability to craft the Aloe Extract potion. Players need 10 Aloe Leaves to craft this item in the Cauldron. 

The next best potion is the Concentrated Aloe Extract, which unlocks at level 35. This needs eight free skill points and the Firebowl Cauldron to remain unlocked. Crafting Concentrated Aloe Extract requires 30 Aloe Leaves and one Alchemical Base to create one potion.

The Pure Aloe Extract becomes available at level 58 and requires 12 free skill points and everything below it to stay unlocked. Pure Aloe Extract needs 50 Aloe Leaves and 20 Alchemical Base in the Firebowl Cauldron to craft. 

Where to find Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is easy enough to find in wet areas. Throughout the Exiled Lands, several rivers have Aloe Vera spawns all across their banks. For example, the first river many will come across on the Exiled Lands has several Aloe Vera spawns. If you look at cells I3 and I4, you will find an abundance of Aloe Vera. Check the spiky green leaves pointing outward with the red flower in the middle. 

An example of what Aloe Vera looks like

Aloe Vera spawning rules still apply to the Isle of Siptah. The new map follows a trend of having seven Aloe Vera spawns clumped together on river banks located on both sides of the map. Some good reference cells to find these clumps are at E8 and M8. 

Don’t forget to craft a sickle before heading out on your Aloe Vera hunt. Sickles provide bonus resources from plants which makes gathering Aloe Leaves much more bountiful.