Coral Island Full Release Date, DLC, Updates & Mechanics

With Coral Island’s full release, it’s time to get lost in this paradisiacal island with a bunch of hotties.

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In Coral Island, the hustle and bustle of big-city life in Pokyo becomes a distant memory. This vibrant farming simulator invites you to embark on a journey to create the idyllic farm of your dreams, nurturing crops and animals, and forging bonds with the natural world. This farming sim has been in early access since 2022 and is now about to open its door to players who’d like to play it in full release. It’s time to farm, decorate, craft, explore, and relax as you shape your destiny and the future of Coral Island.

What is the Coral Island Full Release Date?

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After over a year and several updates, Humble Games and Stairway Games have officially announced that Coral Island will exit Early Access on Tuesday, November 14, marking its full launch on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5. The wait is almost over, and the island is ready to welcome you with open arms.

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Coral Island: All DLCs

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Coral Island doesn’t just offer a digital escape to paradise. It encourages players to contemplate their role in preserving our oceans.

During Early Access, the game joined forces with Coral Guardian to introduce Ocean Guardian and Ocean Explorer Charity DLC Packs. These packs introduce the cosmetic items Ocean Explorer Outfit, Ocean Explorer Chest, and Ocean Explorer Scarecrow.

These packs have already raised an incredible $50,000 for ocean conservation, with ongoing contributions from the Ocean Explorer pack. With every purchase, you’re fueling the Coral Guardian initiative, ensuring your Coral Island adventure carries a powerful purpose.

Coral Island: All Mechanics & Features

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Coral Island is an ocean-themed farming sim. You’ll cultivate bountiful crops and vibrant flowers, care for adorable animals, craft artisanal goods, forge deep connections with villagers, and shape a thriving community – perhaps even rising to greatness as a leader.

  • Farming: Transform the overgrown land you’ve been given into a lush farming dreamscape. Make choices about what to build, which crops to cultivate, and the animals you care for. 
  • Seasonal Exploration: Coral Island’s story evolves with each passing season. You’ll see your farm change from Spring to Winter, each bringing a new aesthetic to the island and posing a new challenge for you.
  • Outfits & Character Customization: Express your individuality by selecting from various outfits, accessories, and physiques. Coral Island lets you customize your appearance, farm name, layout, and even select your dream farmhouse style.
  • Islanders. So Many Cuties: Connect with over 70 characters from various walks of life. They all come from different backgrounds, which range from city folk to farm-raised villagers to literal merfolk.
  • Romanceable Characters: Discover love among Coral Island’s 25 singles ready to mingle. This game goes big on the dating sim mechanic and deeply includes the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Community Restoration: Participate in community projects to revitalize the town, expand the local museum, and restore heritage sites. This is, in a way, the storyline that weaves together the farming shenanigans.
  • Bug Catching, Fishing, Diving & Mining: Coral Island lets you engage in every possible activity you could imagine. As in most farming sim games, there’s the option to catch bugs, fish by the ocean, and head to the mines to get some ores. However, there’s also the unique feature of diving in the ocean to find resources.

Coral Island is your paradise, with a full release date on the horizon. It’s finally time to immerse yourself in a world of farming, adventure, and community, where your choices shape the destiny of this vibrant island.