Cyberpunk 2077 No Easy Way Out: Should You Make a Deal With Angie, Make No Deal, or Threaten Her?

Angie wants to talk to you before Aaron wakes up in Cyberpunk 2077’s No Easy Way Out mission, and these are the choices you can make.

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No Easy Way Out is all about Aaron getting a second chance as a legitimate boxer in Cyberpunk 2077. After you escort Aaron to undergo the surgery to disable the blocker in his head, Angie shows up, who claims she helped “raise” Aaron to become the fighter he is today.

Angie gives you a choice. You have a chance to make a deal with her, no deal, or you can choose to threaten her. You’ll have a split second to make this decision before Angie makes a decision for you. Should you make a deal with Angie or threaten her in Cyberpunk 2077’s No Easy Way Out mission?

What Happens When You Make a Deal With Angie in No Easy Way Out?

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The first choice you can make in the split-second decision is to choose to make a deal with Angie. She’ll thank you for your cooperation and ask you to walk out of the operation room. This way, rather than your Cyberpunk 2077 character being there when Aaron wakes up, it’s going to be her, and the two of them can have a discussion about what their future is going to look like together, where Aaron continues to work for her.

Several in-game days later in Cyberpunk 2077 while playing through the Phantom Liberty expansion, Angie is going to reach out to your character. She’ll ask you to return to where you initially met Aaron in the boxing ring, and hands you the money you agreed to exchange. It’s going to be 10,000 Euro Dollars, and you’ll conclude the mission, where Aaron continues to work for Angie.

What Happens When You Don’t Make a Deal With Angie in No Easy Way Out?

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The second choice you can make is that you stand up to Angie, telling her that you don’t plan to make a deal with her. When this happens, a shoot-out will begin in the operation room. Your Cyberpunk 2077 character will face off against Angie and her backup in a quick fight, and you’ll be able to take them out.

After they’re defeated, Aaron will wake up, thanking you for protecting him against them. He’ll agree that he’s ready to hit the big leagues and says that he’s planning to make sure he doesn’t have to listen to anyone else again, the way that Angie talks to him. Also, by taking out Angie, you acquire her pistol, the Cheetah, a tier 4+ power pistol, that you can add to your collection.

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When you leave, the Scavengers and Damir won’t be happy you took out Angie, but you can leave in peace. Aaron will reach you to you several in-game days later in Cyberpunk 2077, and he’ll text you to meet him at the Dream Gig bar. When you arrive, the server will tell you that two guys came to speak with him, and they went to the alley. In the alley, you’ll find Aaron’s dead body. He won’t make it, and you don’t earn any Euro Dollars, only experience for completing the quest.

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What Happens When You Threaten Angie in No Easy Way Out?

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The final choice you can make is to threaten Angie. This is the bottom option that you can make before Aaron wakes up. When you make this decision, your character takes out their weapon, telling Angie they’ll gladly pick a fight with her to protect Aaron. Angie will rethink her choice, and instead back out of the room before Aaron can wake up, leaving your Cyberpunk 2077 character alone with Aaron.

When Arron wakes up, you’ll tell him that Angie come by. He’ll be startled by that, but is relieved he asked you to protect him. He’ll then make a choice where he reconsiders taking a dive in his next upcoming fight, or he can choose to legitimately go through with the fight, and start doing things his way.

I had my character convince him to continue against the fight and pushed for him to not take the dive. After you exit the Scavenger’s building, wait a few days, and Aaron will reach out to you. He’ll let you know that he still lost the fight, but he went down in the tenth round. He’ll thank you for letting him forge a different path, away from Angie so that he can make a better future for himself. You’ll earn 5,000 Euro Dollars for this choice.

What’s The Best Choice in No Easy Way Out?

Between the three options, narratively, the final choice where you threaten Angie feels like the best call. Aaron is not killed, he doesn’t continue taking orders from Angies or the other Scavengers, and he has a bright future ahead of him. However, you don’t earn as much money from completing this quest. You only earn 5,000 Euro Dollars from completing this quest, compared to the 10,000 from taking Angie’s deal, or the Cheetah you earn from not making a decision.

I believe the final option is the best choice, but for anyone who wants the Cheetah as a weapon, taking the second option might be too good to pass up, even if Aaron does die at the end of this Cyberpunk 2077 mission.