Cyberpunk 2077 Run This Town: Should You Meet Bennett Before the Wake?

Bennett is making a deal with Arasaka in Cyberpunk 2077 Run This Town, and you can talk to him about it before Hansen’s wake.

With Kurt Hansen dead at the end of Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, someone needs to take up his mantle in Dogtown. Mr. Hands wants a smooth transfer of power, but it’s complicated as two heads of the Barghest duke it out: Bennett and Jago. Jago asks the Voodoo boys for help, and Bennett wants to work with Arasaka.

Although you might tell Mr. Hands about Arasaka, he says he will worry about it. But there’s an option for you to meet up with Bennett before the wake to prevent him from considering the partnership with Arasaka. Should you meet Bennett before the wake in Cyberpunk 2077’s Run This Town?

What Happens When You Meet With Bennett Before the Wake in Run This Town?

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You can only get this quest if you pass a 15 Cool check with the Voodoo Boys when you first meet them, where you’re meeting Jago at the start of the Run This Town gig. After this, there is a never 15 Cool check with Jago, where he tells you about Bennett’s deal with Arasaka and where they meet. However, if you can’t do that, take out the Voodoo Boys, and then you need to pass a 14-Body check against Jago. These two requirements unlock this option in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty.

When you meet with Bennett before the wake, you corner him at the location that Jago told you about after you learned Bennett was working a deal with Arasaka, and you tell Mr. Hands. Your Cyberpunk 2077 character makes their way over to the location. You assume the identity of Aguilar, the assassin-for-hire, who would be perfect to corner Bennett and convince him the entire partnership is a bad idea. After taking out Bennett’s driver, you corner him in his car and speak to him about the deal.

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Bennett only took the deal because he believed Jago was trying to muscle in on him with the Voodoo Boys. Now that you’ve taken care of them and their deal, Bennett has nothing to worry about in Cyberpunk 2077. You can tell him this and convince him that working with Arasaka is a bad idea, especially because they told him they only want access to his smuggling lines when they want to control them, cutting him out of it. Once this is all cleared up, you can let him go and meet him at Hansen’s wake at the Black Sapphire.

If you tell Bennett to “Forget about working for Arasaka” rather than telling him that “Jago has been dealt with,” he’ll fight you outside the car. After you beat him, you can make him the leader or tell him that Jago will lead. Although Mr. Hands would rather Bennett lead over Jago, the choice is yours.

What Happens When You Don’t Meet With Bennett Before the Wake in Run This Town?

The alternative is to go straight to the Black Sapphire. Doing this gives you no additional options to address the Arasaka deal with Bennett, leaving it entirely up to Mr. Hands. The choice follows the actions that Mr. Hands wanted to do, giving you more time to focus on the mission as a whole in Cyberpunk 2077 and attending Kurt Hansen’s wake.

Is It Better to Meet With Bennett or Net in Cyberpunk 2077 Run This Town?

For my playthrough, I did go forward to speak with Bennett before the wake. This was an excellent opportunity for my character to prevent Bennett from keeping the deal with Arasaka, which he does if you don’t address it, which means that Arasaka will make a move to Dogtown. The overall goal is for Mr. Hands to own the territory in Cyberpunk 2077, and Arasaka working with Bennett is not a good idea. I highly encourage you to follow the correct steps and go out of your way to meet with Bennett rather than going straight to the Black Sapphire.