Cyberpunk 2077 Shot By Both Sides: Should You Side With Dante or Bree?

You have a choice to make when it comes down to picking between Dante or Bree in Cyperpunk 2077 Shot By Both Sides. Who do you choose?

Bree needs your help in Cyberpunk 2077, and she’s reached out to you in the Shot By Sides mission. You’ll be working with her to investigate a Miltech base hidden underneath Dogtown. However, when you get there, Bree’s neighbor shows up, revealing his true identity.

It turns out that Bree was involved in Miltech operation happening there and is trying to make amends. However, the story that Bree is about to publish could be a bad thing, and Dante wants to end it. Should you side with Dante or Bree in Cyberpunk 2077’s Shot By Both Sides?

What Happens When You Side with Dante in Shot By Both Sides?

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When Dante points the gun at Bree, you’ll learn that Bree used to work with Militech and the people who worked on the operation at this secret base. Even though she’s trying to do a story about this place in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, she’s among the many people who helped make it what it was, even if she wants to make amends. If you wait long enough, you can side with Dante, and he’ll kill Bree.

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Dante will explain that killing Bree was the best choice. She wanted to print the story to start a modern-day witch hunt, and she was planning to sell the data to another outside organization and get out of the New United States, making it easier for Dante to rationalize taking her out. You can then leave the lab, but when you call Mr. Hands, you have to explain why your client is dead and why they’re not paying, which isn’t a good look. You’ll also unlock the Riskit pistol, which Bree drops.

What Happens When You Side With Bree in Shot By Both Sides?

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When you side with Bree, you have to remove your weapon and attack Dante. After you take him out, you can talk with Bree, and she’ll explain herself. She shares that, yes, while she was working with Militech to pay the bills and get things on her side, it was what she needed to do to survive Cyberpunk 2077 because life doesn’t pay for herself.

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After you talk with Bree, you can leave the lab and speak with Mr. Hands. He’ll be thankful that you stuck with your client and continued to do good work for him, even if you might not have the perfect thing, given the situation in Cyberpunk 2077. Also, Dante drops the Power Revolve, Ol’ Reliable, and you can grab it before you leave the lab.

Is It Better To Side With Dante or Bree in Cyberpunk 2077’s Shot By Both Sides?

Between the two choices, although you might feel better about siding with Dante because Bree was involved in the Militech operation in Cyberpunk 2077, it feels better to side with Mr. Hands. You want to continue having a positive relationship with Mr. Hands, and siding with Dante doesn’t do that, who is not your client during this mission.