Cyberpunk 2077 Spider and the Fly: How to Connect to the Access Point & Stealthily Escort Myers

Stealth mechanics can be a pain with this lightning. Here’s a guide to complete Spider and the Fly in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

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In Phantom Liberty’s The Spider and the Fly side quest, President Myers must be safely and stealthily escorted back to safety amidst significant threats. These threats include massive aerial drones looking to track her down and about ten soldiers scouting the area to find her. Though there is an alternative to tackle this quest in a non-stealthy way, Songbird and Myers won’t be happy with that outcome. After all, you’ve been tasked with the high and mighty responsibility of looking for the president’s well-being.

Cyberpunk 2077 Spider and the Fly: How to Connect to the Access Point in Phantom Liberty

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The first challenge of this quest is connecting to the access point inside the restaurant while going unnoticed by the flying drone outside these glass windows. To connect to the access point in Spider and the Fly, follow these steps:

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  1. Walk through the hallway and take the first door to the right. Head upstairs and enter the restaurant area to the left.
  2. When the drone‘s not looking, drop down and head inside the kitchen area.
  3. Left to the door to the red room at the back of the kitchen, connect to the access point to hack the surveillance drone.
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Inside the kitchen’s back room, a computer will enable surveillance camera footage of the following area. It’ll come in handy to take down those soldiers and seize up the challenge that’s to come in the next room.

If you’d rather avoid all of this, you can ignore Songbird’s suggestions and open the door at the restaurant’s end using your Technical or Physical abilities, but she won’t be happy about it.

Cyberpunk 2077: How to Stealthily Take Down All Enemies and Escort Myers in Phantom Liberty

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The next area will be guarded by around ten enemies, all of which must be taken stealthily to avoid being tracked down. Here’s how to take down all enemies stealthily in Spider and the Fly.

Take down the first two enemies by sneaking up behind one of them and leaving the other to Myers. As long as neither is startled, you’ll be safe. Alternatively, you can wait for the enemy on the right to walk toward the right window and play it safe.

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While standing on the right side of this room, drop down to the lower floor and wait for the enemy on the door to finish talking. He’ll then proceed to walk outside, leaving his friend unprotected. Like before, approach the enemy and stealthily take him out in Spider and the Fly. His friend, who’s just outside the door, can be taken out the same way. Then, both corpses can be disposed of in the large container at the back of the hallway.

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Wait near the container for an enemy to walk by the arcade machines in the large area nearby. This is the perfect opening to either kill or knock him out. Just be extra careful not to catch the eye of the soldier near the desk.

At this point, there’ll only be five more enemies left. The easiest targets are upstairs, so use the stairs to reach them and stealthily take down these enemies in Spider and the Fly. Remember that Myers might be the president, but that doesn’t mean she’ll just stand around and watch you do all the dirty work; she can also take down enemies stealthily.

Cyberpunk 2077 Spider and the Fly: How to Take the Barghest Car in Phantom Liberty

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Once that’s taken care of, drop down to the middle floor and sneak up behind the soldier whose back is to the desk. He may think the computer has his back covered, but a quick jump on the desk followed by a stealthy takedown will prove him wrong.

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Hop back to the floor and crouch toward the guy behind the BARGHEST car. Take him out first, then hug the car’s left side to stealthily take down the last enemy in Spider and the Fly.

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With all enemies defeated, it’s time to jump on that car and escort Myers to safety. The best way to avoid the patrols circling the city is to avoid any main roads. In fact, once you’ve reached the center of Dogtown, just ditch the Barghest Car and stick to walking to the garage instead.