Cyberpunk 2077 The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman: Should You Kill Rinder or Spare Him

Rinder is a broken man in Cyberpunk 2077’s The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman, and you have to decide what to do with him.

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There was an attack in Dogtown, and in this attack in Cyberpunk 2077, Jason Foreman was killed. There are several people who are mourning his death, and there’s a job that you can accept that will take out his killer: Leon Rinder.

You have to track down Leon Rinder and find him where he’s gone in Dogtown. When you find him, he’s a shell of the man he used to be, and he’s broken. Should you kill Rinder or choose to spare him in Cyberpunk 2077 The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman?

What Happens When You Kill Rinder in The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman?

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One of the choices you can make is to allow Rinder to continue living. Your Cyberpunk 2077 character will look at it as a punishment, seeing what he’s become from what he used to be. When you make this choice, Rinder is appreciative of this choice, and he’s willing to give you the location of a stash he has hidden in Dogtown that you can claim for yourself. By allowing Rinder to live, he’ll give you his dog tag, and you can take that back to Briana in Phantom Liberty.

The quest will end when you can tell Briana that Rinder is dead. Although it’s not entirely true, hopefully, he should be gone for the remaining future. You can then make your way to the location of Rinder’s stash, and input the code he gave you for his garage in Cyberpunk 2077.

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He has a few ammo caches within this area, along with a handful of weapons and clothing you can equip. The highlight of the garage is a double-barreled shotgun called the Dezerter. You can collect it for your inventory and start using it as you freely want in Cyberpunk 2077.

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What Happens When You Spare Rinder in The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman?

The alternative choice will be to kill Rinder rather than let him live. You can take out your weapon and shoot him on his couch, taking him out permanently in Cyberpunk 2077. It’s a much more brutal approach than the other option, and you can do it after hearing what happened. Regardless of what Rinder says, you prevent him from being a threat to anyone else in Dogtown after you take him out.

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After you remove Rinder and find his dog tags on his body, please bring them back to Briana. You can confirm with her that Rinder has been killed, and you’ll receive payment for a job well done after completing this Cyberpunk 2077 mission.

Is it Better To Kill or Spare Rinder in Cyberpunk 2077’s The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman?

Between the two options, killing Rinder does confirm that you completed the job. However, letting Rinder live might be the better option. Not only do you make sure Briana gets her revenge in Cyberpunk 2077, but you receive the gear and loot from Rinder from his old stache. There’s no funny business about the garage, and everything’s clear. For my playthrough, I chose to leave Rinder alive because killing the broken man didn’t feel like the best way to handle things, even if he did go crazy. Both choices net you 8,000 Euro Dollars, with the weapons being the only difference between the stories.