Cyberpunk 2077 Waiting For Dodger: Should You Attack Dodger’s Base or Sneak In?

You have a choice of sneaking into Dodger’s base or attacking everyone inside during Cyberpunk 2077’s Waiting For Dodger gig.

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There are several ways you can approach the missions you accept in Cyberpunk 2077. Each gig comes with a unique series of challenges, such as the Waiting For Dodger job, where a pair of Night City Police Officers are stuck inside a building controlled by several Barghest members.

When you receive the mission from Stella at the start, it’s advised that you do not attack any of the enemies inside the building. She’ll request that you don’t fight, but you can freely run through the entire building, killing everyone in your path. Should you attack Dodger’s base, or should you try to sneak in during Cyberpunk 2077’s Waiting For Dodger gig?

What Happens When You Attack Dodger’s Base in Waiting For Dodger?

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When I first accepted this mission, I wanted to see what would happen if I didn’t hold back for my playthrough in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty. I went in, guns blazing, and fought all of Dodger’s men inside of the building. I did it on my way to reach the two police officers, Charles and Bill, and then when we were making our way through the garage, down to their police car.

I did not hold back on any of my fights, and I made sure to take out each of Dodger’s grunts. It was far quicker than attempting to sneak through the entire building, taking them out with stealth takedowns, knocking them out cold. However, at the end of the mission, after doing everything perfectly with Dodger and he was about to let Bill and Charles go, Dodger attacked us because everyone in the building had a flatline. Although we got to pick up Dodger’s revolver, Rosco successfully completed the mission after taking him out.

The plus side is getting the pistol, but Bill and Charles did burn their relationship with Dodger. That might not be the best course of action unless you’re more interested in getting the Power Revolver in Cyberpunk 2077.

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What Happens When You Sneak Into Dodger’s Base in Waiting For Dodger?

The alternative to attacking the base head-on is to sneak through it. You’ll need to carefully watch your step as you proceed through this area. Although you can’t kill anyone in Dodger’s base during this Cyberpunk 2077 mission, you can sneak up behind them to knock them out, and make sure it’s a non-lethal takedown whenever you do this.

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By going down this route, Dodger won’t have a reason to attack you, Charles, or Bill at the end of the mission. When you tell him the truth about what happened between Charles and Bill, after checking the vital signs of everyone in the building, he’ll let the three of you go without a fight. It’s a better outcome for you, Bill, and Charles, but you won’t unlock the Rosco gun as Dodger will still have it on him at the end of the mission.

What’s The Best Outcome for Waiting For Dodger in Cyberpunk 2077?

For those who want to remain completely stealthy for this mission and not have a shootout with Dodger’s goons, it’s entirely possible in Waiting For Dodger. You can sneak your way through the entire mission, avoiding them, taking them out with non-lethal attacks, and then make it to the end. This is the best way possible if you want to leave Dodger alive at the end of the mission.

However, if you choose to shoot your way out of Dodger’s boss during this Cyberpunk 2077 mission, you’ll be forced to fight Dodger at the end, and you can loot his pistol, Rosco. Those are the primary differences between the two choices.